Erb's Palsy and Birth Injury

Symptoms of Erb's Palsy

There are many symptoms that are present when a baby has Erb's Palsy. These symptoms usually present themselves after the baby is born or soon after that. Symptoms may include:

· The arm positions flexed at the elbow and is there held tightly against the infant's side.

· The side that is affected by Erb's Palsy will have a weaker grip.

· The side that has EP will lack movement in the lower and upper arm and hand.

· Or Absent Moro reflex on the affected side.

What is the cause for Erb's Palsy?

Usually this disorder will happen during the birthing process, making it a possible birth injury. It will most likely occur in a complicated delivery, like when a baby's neck and head are having trouble moving through the birth canal. Another cause can be that the shoulders have been dropped too harshly if the delivery is a head first delivery. The risk is also higher with a larger newborn.

Treatment of EP

Usually most babies will recover fully from the affects of EP. But in some worst case scenarios babies will still have loss of movement even after six months. If this were to occur, surgery would need to be performed. The surgery would hopefully restore the use of the nerves for the baby. If it is mild, it is expected to recover fine. But if there is more complications during delivery than it can involve permanent paralysis to the arm.

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