Equine Massage Therapy – The New Frontier in Horse Care


The horse can offer enjoyment on many fronts to its owner. Horses are used recreationally in sports such as:

o Barrel racing
o Jumping
o Dressage
o Hunting
o Rodeoing
o Trail riding

Horses used in these capacities are also often dear pets that owners develop deep bonds with. A horse may also be of financial importance to owners who use them as professional racehorses. But no matter how a horse benefits its owner, it must be cared for in a loving, responsible manner to ensure its continued health and friendly personality.

Horse ownership responsibilities are much more demanding than for other pets such as dogs and cats. The reason for this is because horses are incredible athletes. Their bodies are made up of huge muscles which provide maximum efficiency when running long distances, jumping or maneuvering through obstacles. Because of the horse's status as serious athlete, a recent addition to horse care has been created. This addition is called equal massage.

How Equine Massage can help your Horse

Massage therapy has long been used to help humans relieve tension and stress. In equine massage, there are also a number of benefits. Massages in horses can result in:

o Increased circulation-massage helps immensely with blood flow. Rich, oxygenated blood will reach every area of ​​your horse's body effortlessly.
o Eliminated waste-fatigued muscles result in toxic buildup in horses bodies. Massage helps to dislodge toxins and hasten their elimination from the body.
o Increased flexibility-massage helps remove knots from muscles which allows for greater movement
o Muscle tone
o Range of motion
o Alleviation of pain-knotted muscles that arise from running or jumping can lead to a great deal of pain. The only way to alleviate this pain is to massage the knots out of the horse's muscles.
o Stress relief-a horse that has tense, knotted muscles that result in pain can display changes in behavior. Massage therapy can make for a de-stressed, happier animal.

If you use your horse for athletic activities, you will be glad to know that all the benefits of massage therapy will help improve performance and enhance relaxation. In fact, massaging a horse before a competition or race has been proven to result in as much as a 20 percent increase in performance quality and efficiency.

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