Environmentally Friendly Jeeps

Jeeps are not really known for their gas mileage or their environmental friendliness. Though newer models are being made with features that are more environmentally friendly, and there are things that you can do to help lessen your Jeep's impact on the environment.

Though Jeep has not made a hybrid vehicle yet, there are a few environmentally friendly features in some of the Jeep models. For instance, there are some Jeep models that can come with a catalytic converter. A catalytic converter converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide before the Jeep expels it out. A converter usually costs around $ 200, depending on the vendor you buy it from. A converter can help lessen your Jeep's environmental impact, help you save money on gas, and improve your Jeep's performance. If your converter wears out it could reduce your Jeep's performance, so if it is damaged or worn out you should get it replaced or repaired quickly. You should check your converter often to make sure that it is not wearing out.

Some Jeep Cherokee CRD models are being sold with a tank full of bio diesel to raise awareness about the fuel. This is not an environmentally friendly vehicle change, and just because they put bio diesel into the Jeep, it does not mean that people who buy the Cherokee will start using bio diesel. But by promoting awareness about bio diesel and how it performs and how good it is for the environment, Jeep is trying to do something for the environment.

There are also several other environmentally friendly parts available that you can find from different jeep part vendors online and at auto part stores.