Enlarged Tonsils – Causes and Treatments For Enlarged Tonsils

Are enlarged tonsils causing you discomfort? You may be surprised to learn that swollen tonsils are a common ailment with potentially serious side effects. Fortunately, much is known about the common causes and treatments for adenoid problems and relief from the discomfort is available.

The adenoids are a part of the body's immune system in the first year of life. The muscular ring of glandular tissue in the back of the throat, work together to provide a physical barrier against bacteria as well as the body in producing antibodies.

Health care professionals have concluded that past the first year of life, these structures no longer provide such benefits. The tonsils and adenoid may be left alone without any problems for most people. Unfortunately, many more suffer from swollen tonsils, often due to recurrent tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones, also known as tonsilloliths, are formations of bacteria, sulfur compounds, and post nasal drip that gather in the pitted surface of the tonsils and sometimes the adenoids as well. These formations may be quite large and can cause especially foul smelling breath. This irritation quite often leads to enlarged tonsils and infection.

Enlarged tonsils can create discrepancies in one's daily life and interfere with one's ability to function normally. The condition may also create serious and recurring ailments that endanger one's life. Swollen tonsils may block the airways, causing difficulty breathing, snoring, difficulty swallowing, and sleep apnea.

While less invasive treatments exist and may often be the first option, adequately sever and recurrent issues with enlarged tonsils may require surgical removal.