Enhance Your Reputation – Invest in First Aid Training

Above all else it is a legal responsibility for all businesses to ensure the well-being of their staff and associates by implementing a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy. However, it is not all about paperwork and red tape. Reputation is an asset to your business; helping you gain and retain customers.

Health and Safety plays a vital role in enhancing a company's reputation, providing people with the knowledge that your business cares about its staff and the surrounding community. You want to be portrayed as a reliable and conscientious organization that can be trusted. This can be a deciding factor when a prospective client is about to select who to give their custom to.

Standard Health and Safety duties include:

  1. Carrying out a thorough Health and Safety risk assessment
  2. Drawing up a Health and Safety Policy, which must be in writing if you employ 5 people or more
  3. Ensuring that your workplace meets minimum requirements for comfort and cleanliness
  4. Recording serious injuries, diseases and dangerous accidents in an accident book and if necessary, reporting these to the relevant authorities.

Effective First Aid Practice pays for itself. It is imperative to remember that many businesses incur unnecessary extra costs due to the lack of a dependent First Aid Training system. Preventable injuries and illnesses lead to loss of time and therefore a short fall in productivity.

So, think of Health and Safety as a profitable investment saving you money in the long run. Other benefits of implementing Health and Safety training along your workforce are:

  • Fewer work related injuries
  • Reduction of staff turnover
  • Reduction of company healthcare costs
  • Reduced insurance premiums and expensive compensation claims
  • Improved staff morale