Energy Healing & Panic Attacks – Anxiety & Stress Management

You awaken with a cold sweat, have trouble breathing and your heart is racing. In the grocery store or mall your body starts to feel funny, you get nauseated and you think you might pass out. In a crowded room, at an office function or a large party filled with friends you feel confused, unable to function, you're shaking and your heart feels like it's beating out of your chest. Sometimes alone, you starting crying uncontrollably, can seriously catch your breath, and start picking at your hair or yourself or exhibit other frantic physical fidgeting symptoms. You've been to a doctor, a psychiatrist or psychiatrist concerned you are a heart attack waiting to happen or to see if you're "losing it!" Your diagnosis: Panic attacks, those dehabilitating, non life threatening, indicators from your energy field that you are registering energy overload to your physical system through physical "stress and anxiety symptoms."

How do you handle your "fight or flight" response? Increasing your sense of awareness and activating adrenalized physical abilities to protect yourself is your body's natural defense mechanism. Many times people in automobile wrecks or traumatized scenarios manifest exceptional courage or personal strength because their mind thought "I MUST do this in order to survive," and their physical body responded enabling them to accomplish the task. My mind goes to the man who had to cut off his arm in order to free himself or freeze while he was trapped under a rock on an ice and snow covered mountainside. You know he had to "get his mind around" the pain of sawing off his own arm, and then walk to find help. That is mind over matter! He was definitely choosing thoughts that ensured his survival.

How do you handle your energy overload reactions? Do you alter your anxiety or choose medication as an outside "fix?" In Power vs. Force, David Hawkins, MD, illustrates how your consciousness creates thoughts that either weaken or strengthen you. Think about this, when you are afraid, your heart races. Your thoughts either empower or disable your energy to assist controlling your energetic reaction. Every thought that you make has more far reaching effects than you may have considered. By adjusting your mental response to your sensory energy overload, you can choose to be the victim or the victor of your anxiety.

A client had taken sedatives for 19 years and visited her psychologist and or psychiatrist on a weekly basis. I'm a believer in identifying the issues, then take the Nike approach "just do it" ie fix it, and move forward with your life. In my opinion, she wasted years experienced the fullness of all of life's flavors while going to live on tranquilizers. She told everyone she had panic attacks and was a fragile soul in order to set her apart from others. Her attacks also created drama and begot short term attention whenever her life was functioning smoothly and she was bored.

After working with her for 6 weeks, she learned how to control her body's energy systems. She used her mind body connection (biofeedback techniques) to manage and override her physical anxiety responses through conscious vigilant awareness. For months she was fine, but tiring of constantly directing her life. Her friend called one day and stated that she had gone back to medicines. I called to inquire why she stopped managing her energy. She stated "it was easier to take a pill than to be conscious all the time, plus I was bored." Which group does she represent?

In my medical intuitive diagnosis and energy healer practice, I have noticed several subjective "types" of individuals who experience panic attacks:

1. Those who have medical conditions and malfunctions that create chemical insufficiencies

in their body which cause imbalances that produce anxiety like symptoms.

2. Folks who are insecure (poor self esteem) who physically react to intimidating situations

by allowing themselves to be overwhelmed which produces physically reactive


3. People who are needy for attention to center on them; individuals who choose to be a

victim in life as an identity so they overtly demonstrate dehabilitating symptoms to gain

recognition. They do not choose to be responsible or accountable for what occurs in

their life. Life happens "to" them.

4. Persons who actually enjoy and feed off the sensational "drama" exhilarations and the attention of a panic attack. These people think that a smooth life is boring and unfilled.

They think experiencing momentary and unanticipated dramatic effects and palpable

physical reactions in their life proves they are having an "exciting" life.

Are you a member of any of these groups?

Panic attacks are detected by sensory overload from outside your energy system. It's not YOUR energy that is creating the situation, it's the incoming overload.
Anxiety attack symptoms are mismanagement of your protective reactions to that sensory overload.

When you start feeling a panic or anxiety attack "coming on," do you go into victim mode or evaluate the situation and take control of your environment and direct your energy field?

The first thing you do is recognize that you ARE starting to experience sensory overload. Do not respond to your body's "happenings." State "I am not the victim of my body."
Next, ask yourself "did I shield myself today?" Nine times out of 10 you have forgotten to shield that day! If you are that sensitive to everything, this is REAL! SO get real and learn to shield yourself.

If physical symptoms begin to register, in order to give yourself more time to assess your circumstances start saying "shield, shield, shield" then "I command my body to stabilize now, to stabilize now." Next, you need to say your affirmation of protection and shield your physical energy field (sometimes called an aura).

Soul is the concept of the essence of your energy field that exists forever. In addition to representing your essence it actually includes your energy field, which is the energy is what keeps you alive and protects you!

Think of your soul's energy (aura) as a lighthouse lamp that continuously encapsulates, rotates and sweeps around your body in a 360 degree fashion like a lighthouse beam protecting the shoreline. Your soul's energy beam is registering everything to protect you.

The glass windowed lighthouse room through which the light shines is the lighthouse keeper's control room, just like your mind is the control room of your "energy or soul's light." As the director of your soul's light, you must choose to allow anything access to affect your building (body) or not.

When you have placed a protective shield around soul's energy and body, you are standing in your director's room bubble, empowered to make your choices of what to do with your energy that beams out in your life. Like the lighthouse lamp has a room around to keep its beam from any harm, your shield safeguards you.

Your soul may be protected through whatever intentional mode you currently use, however your soul's energy lives in a physical body that resides on a physical earth. These are two separate issues. Your leased building (body) and the environment it resides and works in must be protected as is weaves in and out of environmental and people's energy all day long.

You must continually and consciously be aware at all times to choose to direct your mind and to construct thoughts that control your body's energy in response to outside forces, be they human (screaming Aunt Sarah who makes you nervous, shopping mall crowds), environmental microwave ovens, blaring noise, airports), or self directed (allowing yourself to get worked up over a matter). Use biofeedback.

Biofeedback was searched by Dr. Miller in the 50's and was a revolutionary approach using your mind to control your voluntary and involuntary muscle responses. Biofeedback works! In today's' world, we call it talking to your body (the current "term" is named the mind body connection) as in the Secret, or the movie What the Bleep do We Know * !?

Dr Emoto's scientific breakthrough demonstrating the fact that talking to water cells changes their molecular structure signifies that we can change our body's response by directing and talking to our cells which are made up of over 60% water. When you talk to and command your body's cells you are in fact orchestrating your energy's physical response rather than having a reaction to the sensory overload you and your body are experiencing. Use your mind to instruct your body's responses.

To take care of yourself I suggest each morning place a bubble of protection around your soul's energy field and your body. This is a prayer of intention that will shield you from any and all things.

I ask, and it is my intent to surround myself in a seamless mirrored – (cocoon, bubble) of the Christ White Light (insert your Higher power's name), to protect me now, forevermore, and always, and to only allow that Energy that is for my soul's highest and best good to come through. So be it, it is done. Thank you.

Use the term "seamless" so nothing can come into your sealed control room, and only you direct what goes out. State "mirrored", so that you automatically reflect any negative energy or overloaded energy beamed at you like sunlight off mirrored sunglasses.

When you are standing in this cocoon, you are standing in your full power and totally protected with all the energy that you have available to you in this lifetime. Once you create this bubble Nothing or no one or anything or energy or entity can ever get into your control room or disempower you for any reason whatever, unless you allow it! Usually in less than 20 seconds you can feel your body calm down. You have managed to divert incoming sensory overload. The more you practice this exercise the quicker it works!

If you get another bombing of sensory overload for extra or touch up shielding, you can also add the affirmation "Shield, shield, shield."

Just like the lighthouse keeper maintains its building, you need to keep your energy field and body cleaned from all that it bumps into, moves through, or is assailed by while you are having a life. Fluorescent lights assault the energy field, as do computers or microwave energy fields. Everything that you come into contact with on a daily basis interfaces and interactions with your soul's and body's energy field.

Therefore I suggest (like you clean your teeth each night), that you clean your energy field so that it can operate with maximized efficiency and responsiveness to your directives. Here's a quick test: Put a glass of clean water between you and the computer screen. In a few moments the water will be filled with bubbles from the computer screen's energy that would have been assaulting you!

This is an intent statement to clean your energy field from energy bugs that you acquire each day. You're keeping your bubble clean!
I ask and it is my intent to remove release and detach any and all energies and entities form my energy field now and to send them to the Christ White Light
(or your Higher Power), SO be it, it is done.

Ask yourself; are you sensitive to situations and people? Most individuals who register sensory energy overload have the "gift" of sensitivity. The downside of sensitivity can be panic attacks or stress and anxiety from your intuitive sensitivity to what's around you. As director of your energy field, you do want to recognize excess energy for personal protection, however you want to choose to disallow sensitivity overload to register within your being. It may take a few days or events to get you body back under YOUR control. Do not feel dismay, just set your intent more firmly and be even more aware of what's happening around you to divert any "triggers" that might begin to start an overload response.

Conscious and vigilant awareness is the downside to maintaining your control center, however no more full blown anxiety overloads is the reward. You control what happens to, in and around you!

Take charge of your energy and empower your life. Be the CEO and not the victim of your body. Remember, the more you do this exercise the more quickly your body complains. To me, it's a permanent fix and it takes care of the very gift of life that you are experiencing.

YOU are the ONLY energy / entity / person who can allow any other energy or entity to affect you.

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Disclaimer: Brent Atwater collaborates with and participates in ongoing energy medicine and intuitive diagnostic medical research, and independent case studies with the world's leading doctors, doctors, researchers, scientists, and medical facilities, helping to create evidence based on that documents the bridging of traditional and alternative healthcare into integrative medicine. Atwater is not a medical doctor or associated with any branch of medicine. Brent works in Alternative Healing, Healthcare and Medicine – Integrative Medicine. She offers her opinions based on her intuition, and her personal energy healing work, which is not a substitution for medical procedures or treatments. Always consult a physician or trained health care professional concerning any medical problem or condition before undertaking any diet, health related or lifestyle change programs. As in traditional medicine, there are no guarantees with medical intuition, intuitive anatomical medical diagnosis or energy medicine.