Encouraging Speedy New Hair Growth

For many people, implementing a new technique to gain new hair growth or halt hair loss is no easy process. Often, people will get frustrated easily because the hair growth results take to long to come around, which leads to the patient dropping the product or the technique and changing to another or worse, stopping treatment all together.

Its really important to give your new idea a good go! What you have to keep in mind is that hair growth cycles can mean that it will take up to 3 months (!) to see the results, as the follicles respond to the treatment and issues new hairs that exhibit the results you desire.

To often, and especially with topical treatments, the product will take some time to even penetrate the scalp and get into the follicles and down the roots to help things along. There are some great ways to help improve and speed up this process, two things you can add to your topical natural treatment include:

1) Emu Oil

2) Olive Oil

Both these well known skin oils, when massaged into the scalp area, will help the solution penetrate into where the action happens. Emu oil in particular, is well known for its healing properties and its anti-inflammatory characteristics.

This helps the oil to get right into the follicles and stimulate the hair growth much more rapidly. In fact, a study done in 1996 by Prof. Michael Holick from the Boston School of Medicine, showed that in test subjects, emu oil contributed to an 80% increase in the awakening of dormant follicles from the resting to the productive phase.

This exciting research has lead the way in emu oil research and consequently, you will see emu oil feature as a key ingredient in many topical treatments throughout pharmacies and health shops.

Another popular natural herb is the garden variety of lavender. With its healthy and pleasant scent, lavender is an ideal base oil to add to solutions, and its natural anti inflammatory properties will again help stimulate follicles in to faster life.