Emotions Are Messages

Emotions are real, there is no question of how large a part of our life they are, but here I propose that there is much more to emotions than just feelings.

Emotions are really a message, rather than a feeling. They are not caused by a reaction to another person or event, rather they are messages telling you about the person or event. They say to stay or, to go away. The problem is that we do not fully understand the functionality of emotions, and the vast array of what emotions are so we do not get the message when we are feeling.

Emotions are a wide range of different faculties which we group into one, and thus do not gain the benefits of having the multiple uses. The analogy is having four fingers and a thumb, yet binding all your digits together so that you effectively only have the use of what would be one big fat finger.

The emotional faculty which I like to call an organ in the body of the mind, is a complex organ. It serves many functions such as your ears and nose serve their obvious purposes yet also are necessary to hold up your eye glasses. They serve multiple purposes that for people with good eyesight are irrelevant, or only become relevant at a certain point in life. The emotions organ is similar, although far more complex. It has several functions which we need to use throughout our life, different functions at different times.

Sadly no one teaches us about the true and varied nature of our emotions and so we function with it bound together. The problem with it being bound up is that each of the aspects of the organ continue to function but since we are unaware of the multiplicity of its uses, we take each function in respect to the uses we are familiar with and get the information wrong.

If you do not know that your phone has a ring tone of some beautiful music, you will just enjoy the music but never answer the phone.

Our lives are limited, we all will admit that. At the same time, most people know that they are capable of so much more, yet are limited by the lack of intuition or ability to sense trouble or opportunities and act appropriately. We know we can do and be so much more than we are, and this article is about one of the reasons I believe this is so.

Let us now examine a few of the functions of the emotion organ. The first is the obvious, we feel emotions in situations of love and that gives us a wonderful experience. No need to discuss that further in this article. We also have emotions of fear, which can be good or bad depending on if the fear is realistic and helps us stay safe, or if the fear is imaginary and just paralyses us from doing fun or beneficial things.

This article is about the aspect of our emotions which is a communication method with intuition. I believe that the majority of our emotions are just messages and not feelings at all. You may think you are feeling, and of course being an emotion you are quite certain that this is an emotional experience, but in fact you are missing the point.

What I mean to say is that when you have a feeling, everything is the same, but you are not actually feeling something, rather it is a message you are hearing. We get stuck because we ‘have a feeling’ and then we get emotional, which takes our mind and concentration away from the situation and then we miss out on something important.

Rather, depending on the situation, I view the emotion as a message and do not get caught up in the emotional feeling. Of course this is only applicable to certain situations, remember that the emotion organ has many uses and now I am speaking specifically about situations in which the emotions are a message about what is the right thing to do. If I get caught up in the feeling, I miss the message and take the situation personally, which leads to other emotions and takes my mind on a journey of imagination which can make a person think all sorts of things and get upset over nothing.

You may be familiar with how an event can trigger an emotional response which you then let build in your mind and create a much larger situation and emotional reaction than the objective reality called for. This usually results in some disaster or big fight.

If, on the other hand, you could get the feeling and react to it objectively without becoming emotional or feeling attacked, you could remain calm in any situation, make wise decisions, and continue the day without becoming upset, hurt or insulted. In fact, some people can stay in negative moods for days or weeks all due to a simple event that triggered an emotion which they built up in their mind.

The analogy is the benefit of pain. If you put your hand on a hot stove, you would feel pain and quickly remove your hand before it gets cooked and destroyed. Pain is a message of danger that you should follow to for your own safety. Leprosy is the disease which cuts off the pain sensors. Lepers loose their limbs because they cannot feel pain and so do not know when they are in danger or a problem is occurring until it is too late.

Consider your emotions to be a message about how you should deal with a person or situation rather than taking it personally as if it is all about you personally. Your emotional reaction is not always appropriate and costs you the guidance of your intuition and higher wisdom.

Next time you feel insulted, hurt, uncomfortable or any of those common emotional feelings, take the view that it is a sharp stick prodding you in a certain direction, the stick and the person prodding you are not trying to hurt you, they are trying to guide you. This way you can get a bad feeling, or feel attacked then quickly disarm any negative emotional response in your own mind by objectively seeing the situation and what the feeling could be indicating about the other person or situation.

When you understand this concept, you will find that you have eliminated a large amount of your negative emotional experiences. Learning how to understand our emotions and intuition is like target shooting. You must see where each arrow hits the target so you can adjust for the next shot to get a bit closer to the bullseye. If you turn away before the arrow hits, you will never improve.