Emotional Imprisonment – How to Avoid It


Have ever felt trapped either by your own emotional limitations or the emotional blackmail tactics of others? Have you noticed how the emotions of others influence your productivity and creativity? Are you surrounded by people that make you feel good and productive or sad and burdened? Has your physical appearance (weight gain, skin tone) ever been affected by your emotional state? Have you ever gotten so upset that you couldn’t think straight, work or maybe even talk? Have you ever been emotionally connected with someone and noticed that your creativity and intuition have suffered? Has some one ever bombarded you with their emotional drama and altered your decisions? Have you ever been influenced to do something you didn’t really want to do but you did it anyway because of the emotional influences of others? If you’ve had any of these experiences then you likely have been emotionally imprisoned.

Being emotionally trapped or imprisoned can be quite dangerous. Did you know that when you allow your emotional intelligence to be compromised that you compromise your intuitive flow? When our intuition is compromised not only is our subconscious mind disconnected from the Mind of Our Creator but our decisions are based only on our intellect or the facts and information that we have at our disposal. When we combine our intuition with our intellect we can know anything, and can make more solid decisions and choices. It is through intuition that we can connect and submit to our Creator. Everyone is born with intuition but most of us either learn to discount it or practice emotional behavior that causes us to ignore it. Our intuition and our emotions are interconnected. Intuition lies underneath emotions. So, when we are in the flow emotionally our intuition comes through more easily. That feeling of emotional imprisonment comes when our emotional blockages cause our intuitive light to dim.

These techniques I will discuss can help you to recognize, avoid and break free of emotional imprisonment. It’s dangerous and can lead to emotional abuse. More importantly, it can dim your intuitive light and disconnect you from your Creator.

Throughout my ongoing spiritual journey and path to discover my authenticity I’ve become very sensitive to how others make me feel. I notice if a relationship makes me feel charged and excited or if it feels burdensome and heavy, for example. I gravitate towards people that I can grow with and learn. I remember a time when I was surrounded by toxic people. People who I allowed to be very influential in my life and whose emotional agendas were always the order of business. I didn’t understand the importance of teaching others how to treat me. I submitted to emotional imprisonment and my intuition and decision making skills seemed to become warped and the productivity of my life, in general, suffered. I learned the importance of going to my intuition or my inner self during emotionally challenging times. I was so afraid of my emotions and often times how they would affect others that I became emotionally paralyzed and avoided situations when I really should have slowed down and taken a deeper look inside of myself, even if the emotional tirade of others was what I deemed, silly.

This emotional paralysis dimmed my intuition and inner light. By going deeper inside of myself, I learned to never give others power that they don’t deserve. This process helped me to be clear on how I needed to respond and what actions, if any, I should take. I now know to go inside of myself when I experience a friend, family member or acquaintance whose decisions are based on unbalanced emotional states. If I know that I’m emotionally connected to that person, I understand the importance of taking a step back, if needed. I now understand that I cannot own or influence the emotional states of others. I can only guide, facilitate and be an example and pray that they find their way. I now understand the power of emotional energy and thoughts and have learned to use them to my advantage. I realized that I love loving and being loved, but not at the expense of giving over my emotional power to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

I think you get the picture. Now, let’s talk about how we can avoid emotional imprisonment:

1. Focus on Your Connection To the Creator. Whether you mediate, pray, walk or paint, it is imperative that you take the time to reconnect with your Source.

2. Surround yourself with people who allow you to be emotionally free or people you can open up with and have fun. Find at least one friend or family member that allows you to express yourself emotionally, without judgment. Make sure that your mate or lover is this type of person. Protect and nurture that relationship.

3. Avoid intimate relationships with people who always have an emotional agenda or who always have to be in control.

4. Always take time to check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you are feeling? Sit with any emotions that you feel and allow them to pass. Don’t be afraid of your own emotions.

5. Pay attention to your body. Know what “yes” feels like in your body. Become familiar with what “love” feels like. Understand when your body is saying “no”.

6. Pay close attention and ask questions. Emotional ignorance is not bliss. I don’t know who told that lie.

7. Have good conversations with yourself about yourself. You’re likely having a conversation in your head right now. What are you saying or thinking?

8. Don’t give other people power over your emotions.

9. KEEP YOUR MIND AT HOME. Focus on your own development. Stay out of other folks business. You have no intuitive control over the lives of others. In the words of the Tao Te Ching, “Trust that others know what is best for them.”

Written by Wendy Franklin Muhammad, The Authenticity Coach (TM)