Emetophobia Pregnancy – Symptoms While Pregnant

Emetophobia Pregnancy

When born, two emotions are inside us: love and fear. They’re natural emotions not associated with what we discover or experience later on in life. As we age the two emotions act in different ways. With love, we all gradually learn how to hide that pure feeling behind walls and masks. We create barrier, after barrier, after barrier, covering our pure love from the world.

With fear it’s the opposite. As born we fear only two things, loud noises and falling. We are taught fear. For example when a baby is crawling and watches his mother scream and flatten a spider using a huge object, the newborn absorbs the mother’s reaction and associates the spider being a treat. We accept the fears of others after which we interperate them by means of our very own experiences.

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The conflict between fear and love is one that we really feel every single day, but for an emetopobic pregnant or possibly a woman looking to be pregnant this turmoil is really devastating. Emetophobia and having a baby causes large problems on their behalf. There is no more pure love than a mom has for her child, it fills her body. Absolutely nothing can compare to the feeling of keeping her baby in their arms and looking into its eyes the first time, it is actually beyond words. Almost everything within her is focused on the connection of affection she feels for her baby. To be denied this really is heart breaking.

Her fear of being sick along with other symptoms of emetophobia feels as though a brick wall that increases as far as a persons vision can see, she feels it can’t be climbed over or broken through, however she wants the pure love attachment she’s got with her child on the other side of the wall desperately. She might want to get pregnant but her worry is not going to permit the pregnancy to happen, or she may already be pregnant but the panic and worry is overwhelming her. Living in constant state of tension, she would like to be the top mother possible be, but her concern drags her into a pit of negativity.

The restraints of emetophobic worry might be broken and the love she’s for her child in reach. The wall of her panic was created by her own mind, in the same way she placed each brick, she can remove each brick. Her love is stronger than her anxiety. She will use the pure love she feels for her baby to motivate her mind to get rid of the brick wall of concern that her emetophobia leads to. Her mind came up with anxiety and her mind is more than able to destroying it. By visualizing this love before and throughout her pregnancy, when she holds her baby in her arms, her anxiety won’t even register. The love she has for her baby is indeed overwhelming that her emetophobic worry will never even cross her mind. Beat emetophobia pregnancy