Emetophobia – How to Overcome Emetophobia

Emetophobia self help programs are designed to help you overcome your fear of vomiting. The first step is to identify your phobia and gauge its severity. You can take control of your fear of being sick no matter how long you have had the phobia.

Identifying Emetophobia

It is perfectly natural to be afraid of vomiting. The experience is unpleasant to the core and it is commonly associated with severe illnesses. There is little wonder that you feel apprehension an anxiety at the very thought of being sick.

However, your mind may run into overdrive when it comes to the fear of vomiting. You may be an emetophobic if your fear actually makes you feel sick. When you develop an emetohphobia self help plan, you need to know how severe your problem is.


You may not even realize that you are an emetophobic until you begin to address your other fears. Some therapists find that a client will approach them with a fear of heights – or another similar fear – citing nausea and possible vomiting as a worrisome side effect.

Your fear of being sick may not be because of the heights. You may be finding a reason for your apprehension. This is problematic in the proper diagnosis and treatment of this condition. It is hard to create a emetohobia self help plan if you are not recognizing the symptoms.


The irrational or excessive fear of vomiting has serious ramifications on your daily life. The condition can keep you from attending certain functions. You may be too afraid to leave your home because you are afraid of being sick in public. Some women avoid pregnancy for fear of morning sickness.

You Are Not Alone

Many people share this phobia. Emetophobia is defined as "an irrational or excessive fear of vomiting" and this very definition can be a source of distress for many. Some feel extreme embarrassment because of the fearful condition.

The notion of vomiting in public is completely unbearable for many people who suffer from this condition. Throwing up is typically associated with illness and it is outright messy. People do not want to talk about their fear of being sick and this may make developing emetophobia self help plans nearly impossible.

Creating Your Emetophobia Self Help Plan

It helps to recognize that you are perfectly normal in your fear of being sick. Vomiting can make you feel as if something is terribly wrong with your body and it is closely linked to illness. You may feel as if you are going to die at the very thought of vomiting.

Remember that this is a perfectly natural fear that many people share but it does not mean that the emotion has to take over your life. You can gain control by using self-hypnosis. This approach addresses the underlying problems that lead to your phobia.

Once you are able to calm and organize your thoughts you are well on your way to overcoming your excessive fear of being sick. Self-hypnosis is a natural choice for your emetophobia self-help plan.