Emetophobia Cure? Hypnotherapy Could Be Your Answer to Curing Emetophobia

Emetophobia …. What is it?

The definition is simply an intense, irrational fear or anxiety to vomiting. This is a very specific phobia which can also include many variants around the phobia itself, simply meaning that the sufferer can avoid situations where they may witness someone vomiting it include:

  • Going to public places such as restaurants
  • Watching TV
  • Going to hospitals
  • Going on holiday where they may have to travel

This list is by no means exhaustive, the sufferer may very well experience one or more of these symptoms along side the main symptoms generated by Emetophobia. Being loosely connected to the social phobia, emetophobia typically has devastating effects upon the sufferer's life, many times they may actually develop another phobia to compensate for the avoidance of going to places or leaving the safety of their home.

Who does Emetophobia affect?

Basically anyone, I know that answer looks a little simple, but the reasoning as to why people suffer from this particular phobia is something that we all could easily develop through our lives.

Although statistically it tends to be females that suffer from the effects of emetophobia, both males and females can and do suffer from it. It is also very common in children too.

Can Emetophobia Harm You?

No! not directly, purely because it is an irrational fear of vomit, although it is not very pleasant being sick, the phobia itself can not harm you. The feeling of intense fear and all the other associated feeling around the phobia are quite scary to the sufferer, the truth of the matter is that you are totally safe (although you may not feel safe).

How is it Formed?

There is not really a definite answer to this, however, there is a very common link to the survival instinct, or what is commonly known as the gag response. The gag response is something that we naturally develop at birth. This is part of our survival instinct that allows us to remove objects within our throats. Emetophobia seems to have quite a strong link to this despite sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly.

Is there an Emetophobia Cure?

OK, lets take the word cure for a start. The only way legally something can be called a cure is when it has been researched and medically tested for considerable years before it is passed off as a "cure" by the medical association.

There is a very powerful form of therapy that sets out to release the sufferer from the presenting symptoms and effects of Emetophobia. This form of therapy uses the mind's natural ability to heal, which is why it is so powerful.

This works By resolving the emotional upset that is causing the problem. You may be incredibly surprised that these are nothing more than hidden emotions that need to be released, once the emotion is released, the presenting issues will themselves dissolve, freeing you from their controlling and destructive nature which will enable you to live a better quality of life … a life that you deserve to live.