Emetophobia and Pregnancy – What to do?

Emetophobia and Pregnancy – What to do?

An illogical fear about nausea and vomiting is called Emetophobia. It occurs among children as well as adults. Emetophobic people will be always having the fear that they will vomit while in a gathering or they will get vomited by somebody. They will be scared to see somebody vomiting or even to know that somebody has vomited. When they happen to see vomit they will be taken aback.

Don’t Worry – You can get rid of Emetophobia completely by removing the root cause from your subconcious mind.

Phobias are the outcome of irrational interpretations of certain incidents occurred during one’s childhood. Due to lack of knowledge and experience, a person might have registered some wrong interpretations about vomiting during his childhood when he had to suffer due to nausea or he happened to see somebody suffering. The outburst of the subconscious occurs now in the form of Emetophobia. It can be continuous or occasional due to a stimulus or all on a sudden after a few years due to occurrence of an incident which might have triggered the subconscious mind.

Emetophobia affects the life of the person seriously. It is all the more so in the case of women. Since pregnancy most often causes Morning Sickness, Emetophobic women delay their pregnancy or even avoid it. But, if they become pregnant, they will find it very miserable.

However, in order to save the fetus and save themselves, pregnant women can adopt natural treatment for curing the nausea. When they are free from nausea, they can come out of the problem of Emetophobia.

Natural Remedies cure nausea and vomiting very effectively and give quick relief.

Pregnant women suffering from Morning Sickness may take a few crackers every day early in the morning. It will prevent production of excess acid in their stomach. They can take the crackers even at night before going to bed.

Drink cranberry juice while feeling nauseous. You will get relief.

A cup of hot water mixed with cinnamon powder is a good remedy for nausea and vomiting.

Sucking an ice cube containing peppermint also will calm your stomach.

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