Emergency Healthcare

"Health is Wealth" and it's important to be physically fit to enjoy a gleeful life on this planet. As humans we are prone to innumerable health issues or diseases which can mar our personal as well as social life. This is one of the prime reasons behind the influx of innumerable hospitals and clinics in every city or town in the country.

Emergency health care service has a long history and they were rendered in diverse forms. The first modern account of Emergency Medical Service dates back to the times of Napoleon the great, when the French army used horse drawn ambulances to transport injured warriors or soldiers from the battlefield.

The vital role of Emergency Medical Service is to provide First Aid, preserve life, prevent further injury and promote recovery. Prime EMS providers include Government EMS, Fire or Police Linked Service, Voluntary EMS, Private Ambulance Service, Combined Emergency Service, Hospital Based Service.
An Emergency Medical Service or EMS system is a service providing either pre-hospital or post-hospital care to patients with injuries or illnesses. EMS may also refer to an in-hospital team providing urgent assistance during cardiac arrest or medical emergencies. There is a wide variety of an EMS system, but the most common and recognised type is an Ambulance organisation.

Emergency healthcare involves a world of activities performed from the time of a call for help till the time of patient's discharge from the hospital or healthcare centre. As these activities are performed in various platforms or organizations such as Ambulance Service and Hospital, proper collaboration and coordination is a must for perfect healthcare service performance.

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