Eliminate Tonsil Stones With Simple Home Treatments

It can be extremely confusing to know how to eliminate tonsil stones when you realize that you have them. Tonsil stones appear in the tonsils at the back of the throat and the medical condition is known as Tonsilloliths.

It can definitely be a frustrating ailment, particular if it makes you feel you have something stuck in your throat all the time. It is obvious when reading forums and blog posts, that people who suffer with this condition, simply do not know which way to turn and what they can do to eliminate tonsil stones, and of course the bad breath associated with them as well.

I have compiled a few tips, which may help you to eliminate tonsil stones.

Diet – plays a big part in managing Tonsilloliths. Limiting calcium intake is one of the methods you could use to reduce the build up in the tonsil pockets. Excess calcium in the diet can lead to calcification within the tonsils that will then cause the development of stones. Calcium also increases mucus build up in the mouth, which also form in the tonsil stones.

Although there is no definitive cure for this condition, being able to prevent them from occurring in the first place is the next best thing.

Mealtimes – eating dinner and then hopping straight into bed is something you should avoid if you are trying to cure this medical condition. When we eat food it needs to have an appropriate amount of time to pass through the throat and into our digestive system.

Oral Hygiene – for those that are prone to this problem, it may be a good idea in terms of oral hygiene, to brush your teeth after eating each and every time. Flossing and brushing on a regular basis throughout the day will reduce the chances of any bacteria build up.

Gargling is also important and can be effective to help get rid of those uncomfortable stones. You can even use a saline solution to rinse your mouth with after every meal. Many people however, do not believe that gargling is an effective way to eliminate this problem or prevent them from developing.

Tongue cleaners can be used and will enable you to remove many micro-organisms that live within the mouth and tongue area.

These methods may not work for every one although evidence has shown that they have proven to be successful for many across the world.

Finding out more information on Tonsilloliths is easy, as there have been many books written about this condition, and there is also a lot of information available on the Internet.