Elaboration of a Medical Assistant Job Description

For all aspiring Medical assistants and for those who wants to be certified, it is a must to know what are the things you will be doing for the rest of your career. This is why you should know everything about a Medical assistant job description.These medical workers are in charge to do administrative tasks as well as simple clinical procedures.

The most common duties that will be given to them would be to ensure that the patients are being accommodated and attended to properly. Of course we all know that they work directly with physicians. It is the assistant’s duty to keep everything organized inside the clinic. This means that the paper works, patient records and all other clerical jobs would be done by them. The duties they have to do don’t stop from clinic maintenance. They also have to be knowledgeable in performing simple patient data gathering such as vital sign recording, laboratory specimen collecting and prepare patients for laboratory or physical examination. Sometimes they would also need to perform laboratory tests that are simple in nature.

Other duties or task included in a Medical assistant job description are as follows; conduct routine lab tests, give shots and medication to patients, remove sutures and change wound dressings, instruct patients with their medication, filling out insurance forms, contact medical facilities to schedule patients for a lab test, manage different types of call handling, check office and laboratory supplies, sterilize and prepare equipment to be used by the physician. These duties are performed by medical assistants every time the need arise. Most of the time they just do administrative task but it still depends on the kind of clinic setup they are working for.

The bigger the clinic the larger scope of work will have to be performed. If they work in a medical centre or other health care institute then both clinical and administrative task will have to be done. A Medical assistant job description is very broad and it’s pretty obvious that a lot of work can be assigned to them. Since the Medical assistant job description contains multiple tasks that needs to be performed and done, more and more health care centers and hospitals prefer to hire this type of position because of their versatility to perform various tasks that can help health care providers and institutes run smoothly.