Eight Sources Of Inspiration In Life

Life sucks from the pressures and pains of the daily chorus. It’s our attitude that matters most in handling them. A positive approach to treating the hardships and pleasures equally needs to be cultivated. There are many things to make our spirit soar and enable us to live happily. The major sources of inspiration are given hereunder.

Nature: Everything has a purpose to make the life on Earth enjoyable and fruitful. Nature exhibits many enchanting landscapes, patterns and varieties. Sunrise, chill breeze, rainbow, chirping birds and hopping squirrels are some examples. The smile of kids, the mischief of puppies, the alertness of crow, zebra’s stripes, silent and lush forest, hues of flowers, etc. add charm and beauty to life. These sights rejuvenate even the sombre souls.

Busyness: One should keep engaged in one activity or another: even relaxation through dozing off helps. Idleness breeds undesirable thoughts and emptiness in life. Have involvement and sincerity in anything you do unmindful of the benefits from it. When a person gets absorbed in the job on hand, he tends to enjoy it forgetting the time and energy spent on it.

Celebrations: We tend to feel elated and passionate about life when we celebrate during festivals and special occasions like birthdays, promotions, wedding, etc. Moreover, such celebrations foster happiness and peace which in turn strengthen the value of life itself.

Helping others: Giving whatever we have to others, yields happiness instantly. That too when done to a stranger produces immense pleasure and a sense of goodwill. Feeding the animals and birds is one such deed. Rendering service and assistance to fellow humans and other life forms is considered to be the most fulfilling act in a man’s life. Even remaining harmless by way of words and deeds is welcome. True Love and affection greatly inspire any mind. Mother Teresa made yeomen service for the welfare of leprosy patients.

Counselling: Discuss your problems with trusted people and seek ways to resolve. The Internet is a handy tool to get answers on any issues. Seek the doctor’s advice for alleviating the health problems, instead of worrying unnecessarily by keeping them with you. Religion provides spiritual insights to guide us towards a holistic development, but its leaders mislead for the reasons best known to them. The soothing words console the agitating minds.

Good health: Everyday, do the simple exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, etc. to maintain the physique. Take breaks during the work and engage in a relaxing but interesting thing to recharge the mind and body. Some play Carrom; some drink a cup of tea, and some stroll outside the workplace. A nap after lunch does wonders.

Diversion: Keep away from the routine through sports and games and hobbies. Play indoor games like Chess, Table tennis and so on. Go for swimming or cycling. Have a monthly program for outing like cinema, beach, visiting friends and relatives. Schedule yearly trips to historic places like Fort, Palace, etc.. Pastime activities enable a person to get recharged in otherwise sagging moods. Gardening is the most beneficial of all hobbies as it refreshes us, the plants and trees.

Appreciation: Any praise makes a person to be honest and efficient, but its timing is very important. Recognition for the good work done boosts the morale of the employees. Acknowledging the contribution to the human welfare inspires others to take up such tasks; Nobel prize is an example. Likewise, the simple two words ‘Thank You’ with a smile express our appreciation. Congratulating for any achievements also inspired a person to perform better. However, wrong and excessive appreciation prove to be counterproductive as well.

Besides the above methods, one should understand the realities like capabilities, health status, etc. before comparing with others. Many a time, we self-create hurdles and issues by aspirations that are beyond our reach. Be content with what you have, instead of chasing what you don’t have. However, endeavor persistently to attain greater heights by constant efforts and legitimate means.

Do not exceed the limit in whatever you do; work, eating, sleep, sex, etc.. For many people, ‘staying fit’ means ‘More physical exercise, Less food intake.’ In the good olden days, people were sturdy and healthy as they worked hard without relying on the machines.