EFT Therapy – 6 Step EFT Guide

EFT Therapy allows you to have stress relief literally at your fingertips. It can be used any time, any where and for just about anything. This EFT Therapy Guide is the basics of the EFT process in 6 easy steps so you can just follow along.

Step 1: Identify the Problem: I’m completely stressed out

Step 2: Rate the Intensity of the Problem & Write it Down(0-10 scale; 0=no problem 10=extremely intense)

Step 3: Say Setup Statement 3 times While Tapping the Karate Chop Point (on the side of your hand below your little finger)

Focus your mind on the problem by using a statement of the problem: (this should be a negative statement- EFT Therapy works best on the negative)

“Even though I feel completely stressed out, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.”

“Even though I’m stressed to my breaking point and I can’t think straight and I feel exhausted, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

“Even though I feel like I can’t possibly handle one more thing without collapsing, and I don’t know how much longer I can take this, I still deeply and profoundly accept all of my feelings and every part of myself.”

Continue to tap these points with a reminder phrase.

Step 4: Say Reminder Phrase

Inner end of Eyebrow: I’m really stressed out

Outside corner of Eye: I’m exhausted from stress

Under Eye and On Top of Cheekbone: I’m worried all the time

Under Nose between top lip & nose: I’m stressed to the max

Chin under bottom lip: I can’t think straight

Collarbone: 2″ from trachea R or L side: I can’t take much more

Under Arm 4″ below armpit: I’m at my breaking point

Crown of Head in a circle: I’m sick & tired of stress

Step 5: Step 5: Choices Statements for Stress

Eyebrow: I choose to release my stress

Side of Eye: I choose to give myself permission to relax

Under Eye: I choose to appreciate how stress has been trying to keep me safe

Under Nose: I choose to be passionate about letting go of stress

Chin: I choose to trust that I will be okay if I let go of my stress

Collarbone: I choose to continually feel peace, joy and harmony

Under Arm: I choose to feel peaceful and calm now

Top of Head: I choose to release my struggles and be free

Step 6: Rate the Intensity of the Problem Again & Write it Down

Your intensity should have come down or disappeared altogether. If you’re not at 0 or 1, try the following suggestions.

1. Repeat the 6 steps again but this time give a lot more of emphasis to your words- yell them if you like- Remember EFT therapy works best on intense, negative emotions. So tell it like it is. The link in the resource box below provides an illustrated EFT Guide where you can actually see the tapping points and an audio version to help you get started quickly.

2. Say the set up statements in your own words- like you might say them to a friend or the way you say them to yourself in your mind. The idea is to really feel what you’re saying.