eFilm PACS For Better Medical Imaging

eFilm PACS (Picture Archive and Communication Systems) are made possible by eFilm Workstation (TM), which is the proprietary brand name of the specific software used in DICOM workstations. The advantage here is that no specialized equipment is necessary; eFilm Workstation (TM) software can turn any high-powered personal computer with a high-resolution monitor into an eFilm PACS.

DICOM, as you are probably aware, is not only the name of a company but a protocol that enables digital medical imagery to be viewed across computer platforms over any network, be it local or over the World Wide Web. EFilm Workstation (TM) is compliant with this protocol and as a result has become the most widely-used medical software imaging application on earth. This application is running on DICOM workstations at tens of thousands health care facilities worldwide

The advantages to DICOM viewers operating with eFilm Workstation (TM) are many. As mentioned above, these DICOM viewers allow the display of medical images made with virtually any standard modality to anyone who has authorized access, anywhere in the world. However, these capabilities go even farther with DICOM Workstations.

Archival storage and transmission of medical images has traditionally been cumbersome; as regulations often require that such images be stored for specific amounts of time – often several years – a medical archive could in the old days take up rooms of space in folders that had to be searched by hand.

DICOM Workstations allow clinic personnel to archive medical images digitally – on a server, a DVD or a portable drive. In addition, such images can be placed into a single digital archive that includes other patient records, including that all-important insurance and payment information and of course, full health histories. This saves time for both administrative staff and patients, as well as overhead costs.

Efilm PACS are perhaps one of the most significant innovations in medicine since the invention of x-ray well over a century ago. Until relatively recently, the costs associated with such technology were prohibitive; only major university medical centers and upscale private hospitals could afford such systems. However, as the cost of PC-based technology has fallen DICOM viewers have made digital imaging and archiving more widely available than ever. Your clinic or the if practice has not yet digitized its records and imaging system, take time to learn more about how Efilm PACS can help in the delivery of Improved by patient care at costs LOWER than ever 's before in medical history.