Effexor – One of the Best Anti-depressant Known in the Treatment of Depression

Effexor is a prescription medicine that is licensed to treat depression in adults. It is a new class of anti-depressant medications that affects chemical messengers within the brain. These chemical messengers are called neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, and nor epinephrine. Neurotransmitters are manufactured by nerve cells and are released by the cells. The neurotransmitters travel to nearby nerve cells and cause the cells to become more or less active. Many experts believe that an imbalance in these neurotransmitters is the cause of depression and also may play a role in anxiety. Effexor works by inhibiting the release or affecting the action of these neurotransmitters. So in case if one is suffering from depression, he can get it prescribed by the doctor and buy effexor to solve his problem.

Effexor is prescribed for the treatment of depression, depression with associated symptoms of anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder. This medication should be taken with food at doses specifically directed by a physician. Individual doses vary greatly among individuals. The anti-depressant effects are not maximal for 1-2 weeks. If discontinued, the dose of effexor should gradually be reduced under the direction of a physician. For patients with difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, it can be opened and the contents can be sprinkled on a spoonful of applesauce.

Effexor is different from other antidepressants because it contains the drug known as venlafaxine, which is an active ingredient in this medication and should be prescribed only to people suffering from major depression or extreme anxiety. As venlafaxine and its active metabolite have relatively short half-lives, 4 hours and 11 hours respectively, it should be administered in divided dosage two or three times a day. Interesting fact is that this drug has been successful to treat people with depression that have not responded to other antidepressants.

Venlafaxine found in effexor is well absorbed, with peak plasma concentrations occurring approximately 2 hours after dosing. Different from any other antidepressant in structure, it affects two neurotransmitters involved in depression, serotonin and nor epinephrine. Several researches have proven that this medication works by correcting the balance of two brain chemicals serotonin and nor epinephrine. It is proved that these two chemicals help control moods, concentration, impulses, appetites, irritability and emotions.

That’s why imbalances of these substances create the cycle of depression and the nervousness and irritability associated with anxiety disorders. It is seen that at low and medium dosages, effexor diminishes serotonin reuptake alone and at higher dosages, it inhibits the reuptake of nor epinephrine as well as serotonin. This medication may take several weeks to show its result that’s why it is important to give the medication sufficient time before judging whether it will work for a given person.