Effects of Stress, Anxiety and Depression On Mental Health

Nervous breakdown occurs when a person is suffering from severe stress for a very long time. There is a sudden change in the behavioural pattern of the person. A person with nervous breakdown is unable to perform his normal duties as done by him earlier.

Some other individuals might experience uncontrollable need to cry, loss of energy, withdrawal, confusion, inability to think clearly, sleep disruption or insomnia and a loss of pleasure in day to day activities, a feeling of worthlessness and depression.
These symptoms are termed as the depressive disorders.

Effects of Stress, Anxiety and depression on mental health
Whatever is the reason of the breakdown; all the breakdowns have in common- the inability to function as normal. The person suffering from nervous breakdown is actually suffering from some sort of mental disorder. Stress, depression and anxiety are all responsible and are related to the mental disorders.

The increase of stress, depression, anxiety levels leads to nervous breakdown. The symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety are lack of energy, exhaustion, trembling hands, disturbed sleeping patterns, excessive worries, irritability, isolation, panic, worthless feelings, guilt, headache, muscle pain, increased heartbeat, loss of sex drive and loss of appetite.

Lack of energy is one of the most common symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Even after trying hard to get energized a person cannot achieve that. All finally results in lesser energetic feeling and accounts to lesser motivation level. In a person suffering from stress, depression is mentally exhaustive and hence he is unable to perform his day to day activities normally. No matter even if he takes rest for long hours, he feels exhausted all the time. The trembling symptom is also one of the features of stress and anxiety.

Effects of the stressful situations
When a person is in a stressful situation the body flows with the powerful chemicals such as the adrenaline. There is a change in the sleeping pattern when the person will tend to sleep too much or sleep only for few hours. Once the stress level decreases then the nightmares will disappear. Excessive worry is another symptom of anxiety, stress even for smallest events in life. The person feels negative about every situation.

The sufferers often feel like being alone as they feel awkward around others and rather are alone to avoid this feeling. Loss of appetite is one of the most common features. Reducing food intake further affects energy levels and deprives the body of nourishment, further aggravates stress, depression and anxiety. All these stressful experiences tend to make a person mentally weak and thus, this leads to mental breakdown.