Effects of Insomnia


The effect of insomnia on both your body, and your life, can really be very brutal. When both your days and nights are disrupted because of a lack of sleep, the effect of insomnia is very prominent for you.

If you are not sleeping well, you often wake up too early in the morning, and you find yourself constantly waking up. As a result, when you are awake during the day, you can suffer from a number of ailments, including general fatigue, drowsiness, feeling irritable, and not being able to concentrate. And in this case, the effect of insomnia is felt not only by you, but by your family, friends and co-workers, because you are not at your best.

Insomnia can be brought on by a whole host of factors. If you are having trouble sleeping, take a look at your attitude. Your insomnia can be caused by a “busy mind,” when you are not able to shut your thoughts off when you try to go to sleep. When you awake at night, you often start thinking about your troubles, and this makes it harder to get back to sleep. Also, do you eat right before going to bed? This can cause indigestion. Drinking fluids can cause you to urinate, which can disrupt your sleep pattern. Exercising near bedtime can make it hard to wind down at night. These are three of the simple changes you can make that could have a big impact on diminishing the effect of insomnia.