Effectiveness of Treating Pain With Light Therapy


Light therapy had been extensively utilized to treat several injuries, pain and inflammatory conditions of a people who suffer from them for the past 20 years. LaTely, this new painkilling technology had been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the treatment of pain, stiffness and other soft-tissue injuries triggered and caused by arthritis.

This development is important considering the recent concerns of safety of the other known (and traditional) medicines for arthritis. Moreover, treatments using infrared rays are now commonly used to relieve pains caused by arthritis and sprains.

It is also used in other discomforts like nerve pains, bursitis, tennis elbows, inflammations, scars, pains caused by varicose veins, and pain triggered by osteoarthritis. These pain relief applications had been the result of hundreds of studies before.

Benefits of Infrared Light Treatment for Pain

The benefits of infrared procedure in the treatment of various types of pain had been fully documented by independent research. This therapeutic technique is known to deliver direct benefits to tissues and organizations.

Light therapy is specifically satisfying in treating pain problems caused by such triggers as cuts and wounds, scars, and trigger and acupuncture points. Since the infrared light penetrates to a depth of around 30 to 40 millimeters, the therapy is more effective in deep pains like those of the bones, joints and deep muscle.

In addition, the long list of pain-relief qualities of the treatment now includes the treatment of fibromyalgia, sprains, neuralgia, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation, edema TMJ and others.

Light Therapy for Pain in the Comfort of Your Home

This treatment formula had been used in Europe for some years now and had produced a good track record as being safe and effective when used as directed. These days, the technique had been taken out of the doctors clinic and the hospital right into the comforts of your home.

With several models to choose from, especially handed versions, the system are being administrated by the patients to themselves. Handheld types are battery-powered and are made to deliver concentrates pulses of infrared light and heat right into the body area in pain.

The aim is simply to gently work up some heat into the affected tissue. This promotes muscular relaxation and helps the cell muscles do their natural regenerative work. One of the good things in this treatment system is the freedom to do the medication at any time or whenever there is a need of it without a doctors scheduled appointment.

The best thing, of course, is that it is completely natural and without drugs. This natural pain relief is the best type because there is nothing to worry about adverse drug effects or developing an addiction to the medication used.

With today's methods, natural pain relief by way of light therapy is always ready at your fingertips. You can treat yourself in the privacy of your home, in your car (it has its own power adapters), office, or hotel room. You can bring your device with you anywhere.