Effective Toilet Aids for the Disabled

Toilet aids are essential for people with different kinds of disabilities. These simple handicap devices greatly help in making bathrooms more accessible and increasing the user’s mobility. This short article takes a closer look at common bathroom installations that can effectively help individuals with disabilities.

1. Adjustable Shower Chair

One of the most popular bathroom aids to help disabled individuals into the shower is the adjustable shower chair. These chairs can be installed into the bathroom wall as a permanent folding fixture. There are also portable folding shower chairs. These come in different designs depending on the person’s mobility and present situation.

2. Bathroom Grab Bars

Installing the right grab bars around the shower, bathtub and toilet is crucial for disabled and elderly people. There are permanent and detachable grab bars that can be easily installed in any type of bathroom wall. These simple but reliable toilet aids can fit most bathroom walls. Unlike lighter towel bars, bathroom grab bars are specifically constructed to support heavier weights. A superior quality grab bar can support up to 113 kilograms.

3. Bathtub Lift

This is an excellent device that can be installed in any conventional bathtub. The bathtub lift fits over the bathtub’s top area and allows the user greater mobility. This bathroom aid is beneficial for both the disabled person and the caregiver since it considerably lessens the physical assistance needed from another person and increases general safety when taking a bath.

4. Sliding Shower Bar

This is one of the toilet aids that can make a great deal of difference to how the user takes a shower. Installing a sliding shower bar allows the user to move the shower head vertically and horizontally to the appropriate height for easier use. Whether the user is sitting or standing up, a sliding shower bar allows the user to take a shower more efficiently.

5. Toilet Seats

There are plenty of toilet seats that are specially designed for disabled individuals according to their specific needs. The most common among toilet seats for disability use is a raised seat that makes it easier for the user to sit down and rise back up without external assistance.

Before purchasing any type of toilet aids, you should make sure to assess what’s actually needed. It’s important to make a thorough comparison among your options and decide which aids would help to provide the most efficiency in your bathroom.