Effective Stress Management Helps Prevent Diseases

There are three aspects of wellness: body, mind and spirit. Each one is interrelated to each other. One can not function fully without the other.

It is said that you are what you eat. The more vegetables and fruits you consume, the more life you give into your body. Just keep them fresh and uncooked because they contain fortifying enzymes. You will have more energy if you eat more raw foods. Do not you know that raw foods are your best defense against cancer, hypertension and diabetes?

Keep calories down by eating moderately. Try to avoid oily and fatty foods as well. There are various anti aging methods that can help delay aging. The surest ways to become young-looking and vibrant is to avoid toxic food with chemicals, preservatives, coloring or artificial seasoning. Another way is to exercise. However, go easy on your exercise program. Do not you know that exercise produces free radicals? Thus, make it slowly but surely.

Dining outside may pose great risk to your healthy. Why? This is so because you can never be sure about the way the food is prepared; whether it's overcooked or undercooked, fried with reused oil, what about the hygiene, sanitation and all. So, do not forget to take vitamins and minerals to fortify your immune system.

Sleep like an angel. Nothing else can replace a good night's sleep. Do not forget that one night's sleep lost is difficult to make up for. It makes you age overnight. Try to do power nap everyday to rejuvenate yourself.

Overeating, alcohol consumption, antibiotics and unhygienic foods can cause hyperacidity and diseases like amoebiasis. Make probiotics a part of your daily regimen to ensure great health.

On the other hand, the mind is closely connected to the brain. If you can manage stress, then almost half of your illness will disappear. Medical practitioners believe that stress causes a lot of diseases. Since the mind is directly connected to the body, a stressed mind can hold back the immune system. Thus, you must take on a calm and positive attitude in life to bring vigor and strength. Stress management must be a major element of various health and wellness regimens. Take a deep and long breath to relieve heaviness on the mind and heart.

No one can limit the power of prayer. They say, when the spirit moves you, it also move mountains. Always make time to meditate and pray everyday. If you can attain harmony in all aspects – body, mind and spirit, then you will discover the true value of wellness.