Effective Sciatic Nerve Exercises

Sciatica Nerve Exercises

One of the best solutions for sciatic pain is Sciatica Nerve Exercises. Medical practitioners discovered this technique to speed up the treatment of sciatica.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica may ring a bell whenever you feel pain in your lower back which can go through either of your legs. It is a medical condition where the sciatic nerve is tangled, compressed and possibly irritated. The inflamed nerve causes the pain. Do not worry, there are great ways to heal your pain. One of these is through sciatica nerve exercises.

Compared to drug medication, exercises are highly recommended by medical practitioners and physical therapists for you to reduce the sciatic pain. The experts have formulated proper and guaranteed-safe exercises to give your body a healing boost:

Piriformis stretches

Stretch 1:

First, lie on your back and keep your head on the ground.

Bend both your knees and remember to do it with the affected leg as you pull up behind the thigh.

Remain in this position for at least five seconds. Repeat this procedure five times.

Stretch 2:

The unaffected leg should be straight out in front while the ankle of the affected leg should be pushed toward your chest.

Remain in this position for five seconds. Repeat five times.

Back exercises and stretches – Take note, consult your medical practitioner before performing back exercise, for some inappropriate executions may add up to the injury or cause another complication. You can match your back exercises with knee-bending and buttock exercises to help prevent or reduce your sciatic pain.

Hamstring exercises

Increasing your hamstring length can be done through: First, sitting on the floor with your legs straight out.

Then, extend your arms forward as much as you can.

Hold the position for about ten seconds.

What is the main purpose of Sciatica Nerve Exercises?

Sciatica Nerve Exercises can help you increase your muscles' strength, through lessening the pain of the affected areas in sciatica. The same principle applies when either your back or lower extremities are involved.

Some patients often ignore their condition. They do not know that through negligence, the problem progresses overtime and paralysis may be experienced when necessary action is not performed immediately.

You can get the most accurate and safe instructions for exercises from rehabilitative centers. The right kind and amount of exercise should be prescribed before you can fully proceed in any physical activity to treat your sciatica pain. As a responsible patient, you should also do your part in reducing the amount of stress you put in your body, so as not to further increase the damage of your condition. Avoid heavy lifting and engaging in sports which involve extreme contact. These activities may worsen the pain you are feeling, or even give you another set of injuries.

You should not take the pain for granted. Whenever you feel like there's something wrong with your body, get a doctor to check up on your overall health. Sciatica is not that serious, but it can lead to serious conditions if not deal with immediately. Do not wait for worst case scenarios to occur. Sciatica Nerve Exercises are your best ways in relieving or preventing sciatic pain and improving your overall health.