Effective Nail Fungus Cures

Nail fungus can be difficult to handle and may be a painful problem. The fungi tend to hide among the dead layers of keratin, where medications can have a hard time penetrating. There are cures and medications available but remember that you must take them for three months. Most nail fungus cures can cause liver problems, rashes and stomach concerns so it is best to seek advice from a doctor before trying them out. Fungi grow in warm and humid environments such as tight shoes and socks. In addition, popular pools, showers and lockers can be great place for fungal growth so you must avoid going to these public places too often to avoid nail fungus. Some of the common causes of nail fungus are the following:

  • Wearing tight shoes can weaken the nail and cause them to break. In addition, wearing soiled shoes everyday can increase the chance of having fungus infection.
  • Nails that are too short may cause small cuts, which allow the fungus to break through. Nail biting also damages the protective layers of the nails and weakens them.

You can use several home remedies such as tea tree oil, which has antiseptic properties that fight fungi. Just make a mixture of olive oil and pure tea tree oil and apply it to the affected area. Using apple cider vinegar mixed with lukewarm water is another nail fungus remedy. Soak your toenails in the solution for about twenty minutes and dry your feet. Fungus infection can be treated using different medications and remedies. However, it is still best to prevent having the infection by not sharing your personal items such as washcloths, towels and shoes.