Effective Home Remedies For Fingernail Fungus Removal

Treating fingernail fungus is not that difficult. There are hundreds of antifungal creams, lotions, ointments and oral medicines that you can buy in your local drugstore to help cure your fingernail fungus.

However, some of these medications can be costly and may even result in unwanted side effects especially if you have very sensitive skin. Some oral medicines have even been reported to result in minor liver complications in some people.

To avoid these risks, it may be better if you try some home remedies for fingernail fungus removal. These home remedies have been in use for centuries and have been proven to be very effective. Furthermore, these treatments are very inexpensive and make use of common household chemicals.

One of the most common home remedies for fingernail fungus removal involves the soaking of the infected nail in a solution of water and bleaching powder.

You have to do this for about 30 minutes a day, which can be divided into 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes before going to bed at night. As an alternative, you can also use diluted vinegar or hydrogen peroxide instead of bleaching powder.

Although this is a very simple process, you have to note that you will be doing this every single day for the next two or three months, depending on the severity of your infection. This is probably one of the best home remedies for fingernail fungus removal.

Also among the most popular home remedies for fingernail fungus treatment is the application of tea tree oil directly to the infected fingernail.

You can purchase tea tree oil in any health store across the country. As with the soaking, you have to do this every day until the infection has been completely eliminated. This is not as time-consuming as soaking but is equally effective.

Other home remedies for fingernail fungus treatment Make use of vapor rub instead of tea tree oil. If you have Listerine in your home, that is quite effective as well.

All of these home remedies for fingernail fungus removal are very efficient and they all have almost zero health risks involved. The only problem would be if you have very sensitive skin in which case you might need to reduce the time for soaking or decreasing the frequency of application.

An important thing to remember is that once you have chosen the home remedy you want to use, make sure that you stick to it no matter what. Do not be tempted to switch to other treatments because this might lead to unwanted results and may even worsen an already serious condition.