Effective Aphthous Ulcer Treatment

The common mouth ulcer, clinically known as the aphthous ulcer is the open sore or abrasion appearing in the mucus membrane of the interior of the mouth. Emitting a sharp and uncomfortable pain persisting for days, this ugly yellow and white sore is commonly caused by a reaction to acidic food, but can also be caused by sports related injuries.

Contact sports, such as boxing, normally require the use of a mouthpiece or gumshield to protect the mouth and teeth. It provides vital protection from having teeth knocked loose or even out, and of course from the breaking of the jaw bone. This shield is also vital for protecting the sports person from biting the interior of the mouth during impact which can cause that apthous ulcer making it’s most unwelcome of entrances.

Now, one does not have to take part in a contact sport in order to bite one’s own mouth unexpectedly. Many times, taking part in any cardio activity while not in high cardio shape can result in involuntary biting. What occurs is as one is gasping for breath in order to get oxygen into one’s lungs (an out of shape person’s heart will not be able to provide proper oxygen under a high impact cardio activity) that one will end up literally accidentally chewing the inside of his mouth. No, he will not tear open his own mouth to the point stitches will be necessary, but he will end up creating abrasions that will lead to an aphthous ulcer.

There are many ways to combat the aphthous ulcer, the best being prevention. To prevent an ulcer successfully try to keep the mouth closed whilst breathing, thus utilizing the nose. By not opening and closing the mouth to get that all important air into our lungs the risk of biting or cutting one’s mouth is drastically reduced. Of course this isn’t total prevention, but is the most successful way of winning the battle.