Edan Instruments Expand Medical Diagnostic Capabilities

Edan Instruments, Incorporated is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical equipment based in Shenzhen, Guangdong China. This company produces medical equipment that is used by family practice doctors as well as medical specialists in the fields of prenatal care, neonatology, cardiology, veterinary care and vascular disease. These devices enable medical practitioners to deliver diagnoses of considerably increased accuracy.

The wide range of prenatal care equipment includes fetal Doppler, ultrasound machines and fetal / maternal monitors for in-room instant monitoring and larger models which can be mounted on a cart for extended monitoring. The fetal / maternal monitor is utilized when monitoring is required for the fetus as well as the expectant mother. The monitor assesses the heart rate of both patients and can be used to monitor contractions during labor and for stress test evaluation. Complications can be anticipated before they even occur, making for much safer conditions for the obstetric setting.

The electrocardiograph machines are available for two specific testing environments to include resting and exercise modes. Portable and mounted options are available for in office, in hospital or in home use. These machines can be used to print out results or digital readings can be loaded and analyzed on compatible software. Accurate diagnosis can be determined and shared at a much more efficient rate, promoting better care in general.

Patient monitoring equipment includes portable and permanent models for measuring blood pressure, pulse, temperature and blood oxygen saturation. These monitors can be used with a variety of accessory cables and implements to include multi-sized blood pressure cuffs and temperature probes. Audio and light alarms can be used for patients whose vital statistics are outside of safe parameters.

Ultrasound and vascular machines are available. These machines should only be operated by certified medical professionals in order to reduce the exposure risk to patients. The ultrasounds can be used for a variety of medical issues to include prenatal care, fetal development scans, gynecological health and vascular system health.

Edan Instruments, Incorporated also produces a full range of veterinary medical equipment in the same categories listed above. These models are specifically manufactured to complement the size and anatomy of small to medium sized animals.

Information about the models manufactured by Edan Instruments can be obtained easily via telephonic or electronic orders through a number of businesses. A representative will assist you in determining the most suitable equipment for your needs and can fulfill your order upon agreement.