Eczema Skin Natural Remedies – Atopic Dermatitis Healing Tips

Eczema skin problems can be mild to severe and are characterized by redness, dryness, patches, scales and pink inflammation. For some people this can develop into blisters that leak fluid, thick leathery skin and roughness. Whether the eczema problem is localized or spread over most of the body, itchiness is a prime concern for most patients.

The itching can be quite disturbing and result in difficulty concentrating at work or school, problems getting a good night’s sleep and anxiety feelings that this constant itch will never stop. It has been compared to other skin problems such as pupp pregnancy rash and scabies in discomfort and intensity.

Alleviating the itching will help both your sanity as well as prevent scratching. This is especially important for children who have act very spontaneously and would often not have the self-control to avoid scratching themselves. Bacterial infections such as impetigo develop for kids scratching insect bites and rashes like eczema.

Using a good moisturizer is key to assist the skin in it’s healing process. Please be careful to check the ingredients as a recent study by Dr. Adrienne Olson showed that several over the counter moisturizers contain estrogen or estrogen-related products. This gets absorbed by the body. For eczema rash patients, check labels to be sure the moisturizing lotion is for sensitive skin. Watch out for alcohol and drying ingredients that may be in daily cosmetics used.

Perfumes and fragrances can cause allergic reactions including skin redness and itching. Even if you never reacted in past to this, it can be a factor at this point in your life. Environmental factors, medications and foods can cause allergies resulting in skin rashes even if in past you were able to be in their presence without any problems.

For natural remedies for eczema, take baths with soothing ingredients such as oatmeal or coconut oil added to water. Lock in the moisture after your bath or shower by applying moisturizer before the skin dries. Keep a humidifier running during the winter months.Supplements such as flax seed oils, evening primrose and borage oil capsules have been helpful to alleviate both itching and red skin patches of eczema.

Keeping your sense of humor through this is not always easy. It is very common for eczema skin patients to get discouraged and feel hopeless due to the chronic nature of this skin inflammation. Spend each day remembering that it is a skin problem, not contagious and not life threatening. Work to identify the triggers and take steps to minimize the triggers for the rash and keep your perspective and outlook positive.