Eczema Causes – Why Do People Have Eczema?

Eczema, which looks like dermatitis or inflammation on the skin, is characterized by swollen, itchy and reddened skin. The look of it in a severe case can be scary. The causes of this syndrome can vary between a number of health conditions like allergies, stress (physical and / or mental), over using artificial substances in internal sections of body and environmental factors. This potentially serious disease has some root causes. Understanding the root causes of Eczema can be quite similar to understanding how a child turned into a criminal, or how a baby died, although sociological aspects are not relevant to this article.

The main reasons of Eczema have a lot to do with the lack of nourishment or caring about your body, and mainly the skin. Germs, toxins, pests, and bacteria are common sources that can cause inflammation on the skin that is typical to Eczema. Undernourishment of the skin is an aggravating factor for germ or toxin infestation. Germs and toxins tend to multiply its effect in the initial phases of Eczema due to lack of nutrients for the skin, and multiplies too fast for one to start nourishing the skin once it has fallen prey to the disease.

The causes of Eczema are not dependent on every unique biological factor which is different for every individual. The causes are usually more general.

Following can be the reasons of suffering from Eczema

Nutrient intake

A fully nourishing diet can make the difference between two people’s fate with regards to acquiring Eczema. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrate, fluids and sunlight are essential nourishments for the skin, most of which comes from healthy food. A serious lack of any of the components can result in skin malnourishment. Nutrition protects your health from the following invasions:

  • Pollen grains
  • Artificial chemical influences
  • Metal traces of aluminum, mercury
  • Petrochemicals
  • Various radiations that are toxic

It is also vital to realize that the tendency of being diagnosed with Eczema has often been associated with continued intake of food that causes diarrhea, gastritis, heart diseases or ulcers. Eczema can be related to continuous intake of rich food, laden with spices and calories. Excess intake of protein, lipids and fatty food can be possible causes of Eczema.

Hormones and thyroid

You are bound to feel a general uneasiness while you are experiencing hormone changes that affect functioning of certain parts of the body. This change can sometimes be related to a future possibility of Eczema. Thyroid functioning can go slack before Eczema strikes. Blood circulation may drastically decrease and cause the skin to receive less than 1/4th of the required blood supply. As a result, abnormal hormone and thyroid responses to drugs, medication, environment or another health condition can cause Eczema.


Eczema can be caused by an excess germ fighting tendency. As and when the body is meant to fight infection from germs, toxins, bacteria and viruses, it grows its power to an optimal level through natural adaptation. This mechanism can fault into over reaction, especially in cases of drastic change in stimuli.

A common source of eczema is infections from the growth of Candida albicans (or candidiasis), making the skin look like a bed of fungus. This is a syndrome which is known to be caused by excess intake of artificial products such as sweeteners, antibiotics and other medical drugs.

Toxin exposure

Toxins may enter the body through the digestive system, respiratory system or get absorbed by the skin. Facing toxins is a regular hazard which we face in modern timed of industrial development. It is important that the skin gets enough compensatory nutrition to stay protected against Eczema. The liver and kidney get congested due to toxin invasion. It is common for many with Eczema to have liver and / or kidney malfunction. As a common trend, it is seen that the way out of the bodily congestion for these toxins happens to be the skin. A collection of these exiting toxins find easy habitat on the skin causing symptoms of Eczema.

On a general note

Habits that are classified as bad are largely the known causes of Eczema. A fluctuating strength of the immune system can also bring about the effects of a badly regulated system. Washing out your system is necessary to prevent infestation of toxins and other harmful chemicals. The most important daily life activity is to drink lots of water which helps in washing away a lot of harmful substances through excretion. Preventing Eczema under in a healthy environment is easy and takes just a little effort to maintain good habits.