Eczema And Chlorine

Suffering with itchy, dry skin may be a sign of eczema. This skin condition results from hyper-sensitivity to chemicals, foods or stress. It is not an allergy, but the skin’s reaction to allergens.

Bodily areas most affected are elbows, wrists, and knees, but the face, neck, and groin may also become patchy and scaly. Heat and dry climate make itching worse, and if the skin is repeatedly scratched, abrasions or blisters may occur.

Eczema occurs more frequently in persons susceptible to asthma or hay fever, or with a family history of respiratory allergies; attacks begin with exposure to external irritants. Since the condition is genetic, the only remedy is to decrease conditions that generate symptoms. This includes stress management, avoidance of foods that cause flare-ups, and avoiding irritants.

Persons with ongoing, unmanageable eczema should consider chlorine. Present in large quantities in tap water used for washing, it is a powerful irritant, and is especially dangerous to those with heightened skin sensitivity. Removing chlorine from water prevents exposure to a major irritant, and can result in fewer, or discontinued, eczema attacks.

Vitamin C – Nature’s Chlorine Destroyer!

Several dechlorinating shower water filters are available. Some rely on activated carbon or sulfuric agents, but these products are not environmentally friendly. They also are not as healthy to humans as the more natural method of removing chlorine with Vitamin C ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate crystals.

This method of neutralizing chlorine and turning it into harmless agent (instead of retaining it, along with other contaminants) is employed by the VS-1 shower filter. The VS-1 shower filter screws directly onto the shower arm using the existing shower head, and allows up to a year’s worth of chlorine-free water. A window displaying the crystals will remind users when it’s time for a replacement. The VS-1 is compatible with all fixed or hand held shower fixtures that conform to the ½” N.P.T. standard.

With no maintenance, the VS-1 shower filter is the easiest way to remove the irritant that can cause eczema. In addition, its special properties assure effectiveness with all water temperature and pressure levels – a claim other water filters can not make! The United States Environmental Protection Agency has approved this method as the least toxic dechlorination process, and the medical community uses it in dialysis. That is because it organically leaves water clean, odorless and chlorine free, and adds extra nutrients into it.

One VS-1 shower filter cartridge, called VS-2, can inexpensively remove chlorine from up to 25,000 gallons of water, providing freedom and relief to many eczema sufferers!