Eating Earth

Why eat closer to Earth?

Eating earth given foods connects all to Mother Earth, to nature, to our inner being and spirit. It brings all to life. When we eat Mother Earth’s food we are literally buzzing with energy, with joy, happiness, and light. Minerals and Vitamins induce our bodies, filling and repairing our cells. We avoid sickness, pain, misery, dis-ease and mental illness.

Conventional foods, packaged foods, fast foods are not food. They do not provide us with nutrition, with health, with life. They provide us with just the opposite, malnutrition, dis-ease, death. The average Western Diet poisons our bodies, damages our cells, creates inflammation which causes dis-ease. Fights against us, creates laziness, bad choices, bad habits, mental illness, obesity, depression and so much more!

Many say they can not afford eating “real food”. Organic, home grown, tree picked, shrub picked nature-made Mother Earth food. Many say they do not enjoy the taste of Earth made food. Many say it is too hard to eat Earth made food. Too expensive, time consuming, not worth it.

1 Corinthians 6:19 – What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

Is the temple not worth it?

Later when dis-ease spreads throughout the body or temple will the funds be worth feeding to a doctor to hopefully correct the poor choices of the past? Will it be worth the days spent picking up prescriptions, chocking down pill after pill, pricking fingers, lying in bed with a tube or two or three down veins? Fighting Cancer, losing hair, decaying quickly, diabetes (type 2), dementia (type 3 diabetes), or even an immediate death from heart attack or stroke?

When all this happens, providing grief to loved ones, leaving children behind, grandchildren, spouses, and even pets. Then having loved ones pay off leftover debt, fight over materials in a will, pouring money into a funeral averaging $7,000 according to, and dealing with overbearing stress and sadness.

It comes down to choice.

Or taking that money and feeding that temple that bares the Holy Ghost, your spirit, your inner guide, your connection to all of life. So life’s journey can be fulfilled, having more time to serve others, to gaze upon Earths beautiful land, and to leave this place more knowledgeable and less toxic than before birthed here.

If not for the spirit that lies within the temple, then for the other spirits in flesh and blood that come to this Garden of life after.

Is the temple that holds the spirit worth the investment?

When spirit consumes from what Mother Earth and Father sky prepared for it, it lives a strong, meaningful, journey filled life. It lives with energy for a purpose, with hope and faith. It lives with less fear, doubt, greed, grief. It provides clarity.

When eating from the land of Mother Earth, spirit becomes satisfied with abundance of energy, love, joy, forgiveness, happiness, wealth, and youth. There is more to explore, share, more to do, more to give. There is abundance! There is life!

So why eat from Earth? The question, suspended in time.