Eat Right to Lower Your Cholesterol


The results of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein), HDL (High Density Lipoprotein), triglyceride and total cholesterol. By doing so, the doctor will be able to determine if the patient has health problems. If one or more of the mentioned are not on its normal level, the doctor will give the patient some advice on how to set the right level. A change of diet is the most common recommendation because persons food intake has great effects on the LDL, HDL, triglyceride and total cholesterol level.

LDL and HDL are more known as good and bad cholesterol while triglyceride is a type of fat in a persons bloodstream. High triglyceride level is one of the main causes of heart diseases.

The food that is consumed by a person can cause the level to go up or down (even if the person does not consume food at least few hours before checkup). The normal triglyceride level is between 10 and 250 milligrams per deciliter. Unfortunately, only a few people are within this level, lots of people except this level because of unhealthy diet. Those who have high levels of triglyceride also have high levels of cholesterol. Which is why, it is highly recommended that one must have a healthy diet.

One way of lowering the triglyceride level is by consuming foods that have low fat content. Eating whole grains or egg whites for breakfast is recommended. It is advisable that you must minimize your caffeine intake. You can also substitute your caffeine in tea with tea. It is highly recommended that you substitute regular milk with low fat or non fat milk. Fresh juice is much better. When it comes to chicken, you must prepare it without its skin. Chicken skins are rich in fat and contribute high triglyceride levels. It is best that you go for lean meat.

Bottled water is by far a lot healthier than a can of diet soda. Diet soda contains certain properties that are unhealthy. Especially those who want to lower their cholesterol take. It is best that you replace junk foods with fruits and vegetable strips.

Having light meals is the best way to lower your cholesterol level. Light dinner is very important because as soon as a person body rests, it will not be able burn as much fat. Having steamed fish or pasta for dinner is highly recommended.

It is important that one must observe a healthy eating habit especially if you are dining out. Remember, a slight disruption of ones healthy eating habit can cause consequences. Observing a healthy lifestyle enables you to be free from certain sickness caused by high triglyceride and cholesterol levels. In order to have a healthy life one must have determination.