Easy To Get Too Wet Unscientific "humidifier Pneumonia"

Early spring season, use Humidifier Would allow many of the dry room comfortable. However, a recent “humidifier, make people get pneumonia,” the report appeared in press, for a lot of people are using the humidifier, confusing. Well, winter will use the humidifier in the end lead to pneumonia?

Experts have warned that use of humidifiers to keep the indoor air in winter wet is a commonplace thing, but the humidifier, if used improperly, then, is likely to become a tool for the spread of disease.

And Air conditioning Disease similar Work from Chongqing to Beijing Li Li every winter dry throat always feel pain. Recently, Li Li bought a humidifier, 10 hours a day in the house humidification. She thought she would, while keeping warm while wet, dry cough should be able to relieve symptoms. Can be over a week, Li Li not only did not diminish the symptoms of dry throat, but throat swelling and lost for words, and even continuous coughing. To a medical examination that is bronchitis, if not treated timely treatment, will develop into pneumonia.

Coincidence. 3-year-old girl Lele, since the winter, her voice from time to time there will be “scream”, the doctor diagnosed it as mild asthma. In this regard, could not find the cause of their parents only under a doctor’s reminder that the Lele of asthma and may have a humidifier at home using a direct link. “Imagine, humidifier can Jinong sick man.” Lele said the mother did not understand.

According to reports, this was doctors called humidifier disease, pneumonia, common in summer air-conditioning and similar diseases, are caused by harmful microorganisms into the body through the air and caused respiratory tract caused by inflammation.

Excessive humidification unscientific “Excessive humidification, humidifier not pay attention to clean, easy-induced respiratory disease.” Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Sleep Center Director Guo Xi constant that can cause indoor air dry throat dryness, skin dryness and discomfort, to use humidifiers to improve air humidity; but if too much humidifier in breeding of bacteria, microorganisms, can cause pneumonia. “Some people open the window in winter less, resulting in poor indoor air quality, together with some families with humidifier, open 24 hours nonstop in the air of harmful micro-organisms into the human respiratory tract, people will be infected with the weak resistance humidifiers pneumonia. but in general, if there is sufficient resistance to their own, lead to a relatively small risk of pneumonia. “

Some experts believe that the use of humidifiers, air in the water will increase humidity in this, some live in the interior of the mold, bacteria, actinomycetes bacteria etc will have germinated and even breeding, which attacks the body .

Using lower incidence “Do not blindly use the humidifier use, clever use can become more comfortable at home.” Guo Xi Heng said that the use of humidifiers, the best equipped with wet and dry bulb thermometer, at any time to monitor indoor humidity, to control the humidifier turned on, to achieve better the results. At the same time, you can also add special disinfectant tank to block influenza, pneumonia virus, intrusion; also Duiru special perfume to make the home more fresh air and romantic. If Duiru special syrup, can prevent the breeding of bacteria, a health infirmary space.

In addition, use of humidifiers should pay attention to timely winter windows open for ventilation. While maintaining indoor sanitation, in particular, to reduce the amount of respirable dust. The humidifier should be cleaned regularly to prevent the breeding of pathogenic microorganisms in their internal, but also can improve the electrical efficiency, long life.

Experts advise, some arthritis, diabetes should be used with caution in patients with air humidifier. Because the humid air will increase the disease of these patients. If these patients do need to use the humidifier should be discussed with the communication specialists to determine the proper humidity to stabilize the primary disease condition. In addition, the humidifier can not be added directly to water. Because tap water contains many minerals, it will damage the evaporator humidifiers. If the water hardness, water mist humidifier in the exhaust for containing calcium and magnesium ions, indoor air pollution. Also according to the weather conditions and adjust their indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity humidifiers. Just keep in the appropriate range, can reduce the incidence of the disease.