Easy Inexpensive Home Test For Bowel Function – Test Yourself!

The famous Greek physician Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” 70% of your immune system resides in the gut, there are more nerve cells in the small intestine alone than in the brain and spinal chord combined and every single chemical produced in the brain is also made in the gut. If you are having trouble losing weight this could actually be an imbalance in the bacterial colonies in your intestine!

Your digestion is a key factor in achieving optimal health.

The bowel transit time test is an easy and inexpensive way to assess your gut function. To perform the test do the following: Ingest six 250mg capsules of activated charcoal (inert substance that will stain your stool black or gray), ¼ cup of unpopped popcorn, or ¼ ounce of a liquid vegetable dye following completion of the largest meal of the day. Make a note of the exact time. After each bowel movement the stools should be observed. Log the time when you first visualize a sign of the substance and continue until the substance has completely disappeared in successive bowel movements. The total time from the ingestion of the substance until complete disappearance is then recorded as your bowel transit time.

Normal bowel transit time is 18-24 hours. If your transit time is longer than 24 hours you may have a toxic bowel, poor muscular tone of the bowel, enlarged colon, dysbiosis (bacterial colonies are out of balance), leaky gut, dehydration, hypothyroidism, low stomach acid production, pancreatic enzyme insufficiency, gall bladder dysfunction, or adrenal stress.

If your transit time is less than 18 hours you may have malabsorption, parasites, gluten intolerance, bacterial or viral infection, sympathetic nervous system overdrive, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or acute poisoning.

Repeat the test in 3-5 days to see if your results are consistent. This can provide valuable data about not only your gut function but your overall health. If you perform this test please mark your findings and bring them to your next appointment. Your gut function must be working well to balance the rest of the systems of your body. A stool test may be required to evaluate the specific type of parasite you may have or to pinpoint any of the other imbalances showing up on your home test.

Try this easy and inexpensive test today!