Easy Daily Routine to Cure Insomnia

Repeated loss of sleep affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Insomnia can affect your daily performance. If it goes on for a long period of time it can compromise your productivity and possibly lead to health problems. Fortunately, most people can cure insomnia without medication by including some easy steps into their daily life.

In the morning when you wake up, get out of bed at once. If you stay in bed half-sleeping, you will just get more tired. Also make sure that you eat a large breakfast, so you have enough energy to be physically active during the day.

Try to be as active as possible during the day, both mentally and physically. If possible go for a walk during lunch time, and about about problems at work during your lunch break. Even better would be going to the gym. If you really must have caffeine during the day, do not drink coffee after lunch. If you drink coffee or soft drinks containing caffeine in the evening, you may have trouble falling asleep.

In the evening, make sure to get rid of all the stress that you may have built up during the day. You may want to include an evening stress-relief exercise into your day. Only eat a light meal in the evening and be careful with alcohol. You can reward yourself with a glass of red wine, but that should be it. Note that heavy exercises in the evening should be avoided, your body needs time to cool down afterwards.

Try to create a bedtime routine that you use every evening before going to bed. This will teach your brain to start to cool down and prepare for sleep. One very important thing to do in the evening is to write down everything you need to do tomorrow. Once your list is done, decide to worry about those things tomorrow, not now. Instead of worrying about things that may happen, try guided imagery and make tomorrow a successful day in your mind.

Once you go to bed, you can listen to special audio CDs which will teach your brain to slow down. This will make it easier to fall sleep. Another track can help you sleep the whole night. So that you do not wake up in the middle of the night and then can not get back to sleep again.