Easy Bruise Removing

Who of us have never had bruises? Large or small, they are not nice to have. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to wear a beautiful dress because of the huge deep blue bruise on the ankle. If you don’t like the idea of showing your blue-violet-red chameleon bruise to the whole world then you need a quick method of removing it.

The first twenty minutes after the impact blood is spreading the damaged vessels. So at this point the first thing you should do is to apply a cold compress on the bruised area. At low temperature blood vessels narrow down which, in turn, slows the blood flow down. If you’ve done that quickly enough, after a few hours the measures can be taken for resorption of hematoma. For that, in contrary, you should apply heat. You can use a heating pad or a bag with warm sand or salt.

However, if you are unlucky enough to have a bruise on the face, which can create a big discomfort as even a good makeup can’t mask it completely, you can still try some professional methods of bruise removing. There are specific creams and gels on the market that tone the blood vessels and therefore accelerate the healing process. A professional massage can also be an effective tool when it comes to removing bruises. A quality massage improves the blood circulation, but remember it must always be done by a professional otherwise you are risking getting a few bruises more.

Talking about home remedies for a quicker bruise removal, consume more products containing vitamin C like lemons or cabbage. Cabbage also contains vitamin K. These two vitamins help restoring blood vessels. Another known method of removing bruises is iodine. Draw a small iodine grid on the bruised area, preferably before the night as by the morning it evaporates. If a bruise disappears slowly you can partly mask it with getting some tan.

However, the best medicine for removing bruises is time.