Easy Best Man Speech – You Fill in the Blanks


The only stressful thing the Best Man has to do during the wedding and wedding reception is give that best man speech. Everyone is looking at you now and occasionally glancing over to the bride and groom.

Here’s a outline for you to fill in yourself for a no-lose speech that will get you through your duty with a respectable speech, please the bride and groom, and get it over with quickly. There is no prize for giving a long speech. Everyone in attendance will appreciate a quick and heartfelt speech the most. I’ll use Amy Smith and Robert Smith as the names of the bride and groom for example purposes.

The outline can go something like this:

1. Congratulate the bride and groom.

2. Thank the guests for coming and wish everyone a great time at the reception.

3. Tell a little about how far back your friendship with the groom goes.

4. Tell an anecdote as to when the bride came into the picture.

5. Tell what a wonderful couple the bride and groom make.

6. Wrap it up with wishing the bride and groom the best of luck.

Let’s all give a round of applause for Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Congratulations you two. You both look absolutely stunning. I want to thank everyone for coming and celebrating this special day with Amy and Robert. I know your presence here today means a lot (look around at the guests and then over to the bride and groom) to Amy and Robert.

I’ve known Robert since the sixth grade. We learned to ride skateboards together. We went through high school together. Robert is such a good guy and great friend. I’ll never forget the time …. (insert a short story here where the groom really came through for you and shows what an awesome friend he is).

Robert has been a great friend to me all these years. When Robert met Amy, his life changed for the better. Amy is adorable and sweet. Give her a round of applause (pause so guests can all clap for the bride). Robert became so happy with Amy in his life. She completed him (if you know the bride well, say a few more positive things here).

I am sure that Amy and Robert will have a long and happy life together. They compliment each other and make each other stronger. As a couple, they both gain confidence from the other. The love they have for each other is obvious. They are fantastic, caring individuals and now they are a married couple (you can ask everyone to give them a round of applause at this point).

I wish you both (turn towards the bride and groom) the best of luck, health, and a happy life together. May all your dreams come true. I know you both will accomplish whatever you set your minds to. Your love for each other is obvious. May it grow stronger every day. Let’s all congratulate Amy and Robert (lift your glass, everyone else will follow suit and lift their glasses too, take a drink) on their marriage. Thank you (and have a seat, your speech is done).

Whew! You’re done! Keep it kind and short. If you think you’ll get nervous, write down an outline on a 3×5 card so you can glance down if you forget what comes next. Remember this is not the focus of the wedding. It is a formality. It should be short and sweet so the rest of the planned events for the day can move right along.

The main thing I hope to impart on your anecdotes about the bride and groom is to keep it sappy and sweet. Don’t tell any stories that might embarrass the bride or groom. Keep secrets to yourself.