Earn Your Scentsy Black Belt

When I first started studying Martial Arts, I was told it would take me a minimum of six years, with 3-4 days per week in the dojang to earn a black belt. I spent that much time working on a Masters Degree. That's a hefty commitment. But it was something I wanted to do.

When I first started training, it was bitter sweet. I had a brand new, crisp Gi (uniform) and a shiny white belt. I had a fresh pedicure and I was ready to be Karate Kid!

Forty-eight hours after my first work out I could barely get out of bed. I hurt from head to toe – more like from the tip of my hair to the bottom of my shiny toe nails! And to think I had to get back in there and train that night – ouchee was waa.

I have worked diligently over a number of years to earn a black belt. I have spent numerous hours in the dojang and at home practicing over and over again. I have had to learn forms and drills that so challenging, repeatedly I wanted quit. I have fractured my back as well as my right foot and have jammed up all of my knuckles on my right hand. You betcha it hurt; you betcha I sacrificed and you betcha I wanted to quit – multiple times! However Martial Artists do not quit.

Many times I felt like I had two left feet and had no business trying to be "Karate Girl". Fortunately my young daughters were also in the middle of seeing their black belts – so even if I did not feel like practicing, I did. We made it fun. We decided we needed to shake it up a bit when it came to practicing over and over again. Occasionally we were all bringing home trophies from tournaments. We also not only learned but also excelled in our Art.

In addition to the obvious benefits of martial arts, Tae Kwon Do has also taught me how to survive well in life and in business. Just like learning my college degrees, the Arts reinforced the importance focus, commitment and using available tools to succeed.

It has also helped me in my Scentsy Direct Sales business as a Star Director.

Martial Arts consist of a series of belt colors or ranks that students much achieve along their journey to becoming Black Belts. This process provides students a systematic approach to master each level of skill before moving on to the next rank. These are short term objectives needed to achieve the long-term goal. This is similar to the ranks within the Scenty compensation plan.

There are no bad students; only bad instructors. However each student must also accept responsibility to implement the instruction provided by the instructor. Once you reach Black Belt status you have the knowledge and wisdom to actually apply what you have learned. Achieving a Black Belt is often a goal. But it should never be the final goal. In many respects, the journey is just beginning. There are new goals to set and master as you strive for the higher ranks of being a Black Belt.

This same thinking can also be applied to your Scentsy business.

The good news is that it is possible to earn a black belt in your Scentsy Business in less time than it took me to earn mine in Tae Kwon Do.

White Belt (Escential Consultant): You have a crisp white belt and are just getting your feet wet. At this rank you're working on learning product knowledge, new consultant start up incentives, the lingo and abbreviations, and familiarizing yourself with your back office / workstation and your replicated website. It's the level where you develop a strong foundation to your Scentsy business, so you can concentrate on developing higher-level skills needed to obtain your Scentsy black belt.

Purple Belt (Certified Consultant): This rank is where you get a good handle on the compensation plan and understand the qualifications necessary to start building your team. You develop your niche and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so you can start selling on the value of our unique product line.

Green Belt (Lead Consultant): At this level you are working on repetition and organization. You are starting to develop a system that will help run your business smoothly. Qualifications for a Lead Consultant are $ 500 PRSV, $ 1,000 GWV and OneActive Frontline Consultant. While producing this amount of volume and leading down-line member (s) is still manageable at this level, you'll want to have a solid foundation as you move up in rank – as the requirements to advance will continue to increase.

Brown Belt (Star Consultant): Once you achieve the rank of a Brown Belt (Star Consultant) you are starting to focus more on team building. You may likely have some team members who are personal use consultants or who choose to produce the minimum needed to remain eligible to place orders. Those consultants are also essential pieces to your team, but you'll always want consultants who are eager to be successful with Scenty. Qualifications for a Star Consultant are $ 500 PRSV, $ 2,500 GWV and Two Active Front Line Consultants.

Red Belt (SuperStar Consultant): The leap from Star to SuperStar Consultant is a hefty advancement. You'll start to see the importance of teamwork and of keeping all the balls you are juggling up in the air. You should also be mentoring team members who also want to achieve their Black Belt (Director). Help your team members develop their strengths. Remember, at this level, you're only successful if your team members are too. Qualifications for a SuperStar Consultant are $ 500 PRSV, $ 6,000 GWV and Three Active Front Line Consultants.

1st Dan (degree) Black Belt (Director): Now you've made it! … But have you? Once you're a Black Belt, your journey does not end – it's just beginning. You've developed a profitable Scenty business. You are now generating a monthly residual income from the business. You can now take the skills and knowledge that you have learned and continue to apply them on a continuous basis. Direct Sales is not a business where you can rest on your heels and surely collect the paychecks. Qualifications for a Director are $ 500 PRSV, $ 10,000 GWV, $ 2,000 TWV and Three Active Front Line Consultants / Directors

2nd Dan (degree) Black Belt (Star Director): At this level a major of your time is sent mentoring others on the team. You're called upon to use your experience to lead others to have successful businesses. Organization skills will need to be stated at this level as the number of team members grows exponentially. Qualifications for a Star Director are $ 500 PRSV, $ 30,000 GWV, $ 6,000 TWV and Three Active Front Line Consultants / Directors, Two First Generation Directors.

Master Black Belt (SuperStar Director): Once you reach this level your primary responsibility will be working with breakaway managers while continuously mentoring your own personal team. It's a balancing act at SuperStar Director that's why time management skills are paramount. You will set the tone and pace for your entire group. Remember, however – once you've reached the top wrung, it's as important as ever to not sit back and rest. Qualifications for a SuperStar Director are $ 500 PRSV, $ 80,000 GWV, $ 10,000 TWV and Three Active Front Line Consultants / Directors, Four First Generation Directors.

All too often consultants quit after four month because they have not earned their black belt. Is that realistic to expect to build a solid foundation and learn all there is to become a master in sixteen weeks? Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind; the stronger the trees.

Now go forth and prosper, grasshopper!

Scentsy Student's Creed:

I run my Scentsy business by the principles of Black Belt:





Perseverance and

Indomitable Spirit