Earn a Certificate in IGI Appraisals

If you would like to become more educated about appraising diamonds for your own collection or because you sell diamonds and diamond jewelry, you can study for a certificate in IGI appraisals. Since this certification and the skills you learn in the courses are recognized throughout the world, you could also jumpstart your career in this area.

The grand majority of diamond appraisal institutes, such as EGL loose diamonds and GIA diamond rings, have a team of gemologists on staff that conduct the appraisals of the diamonds submitted to them. Even though there is a cost associated with taking appraisal courses, if you deal with large quantities of diamonds you can save yourself money by being able to do your own appraisals.

The courses offered in IGI appraisals are in the areas of:

– Polished stones

– Rough diamonds

– Colored stones, and

– Jewelry grading

The course leading to the certificate known as IGI Polished Stone Grader from IGI Appraisals is a comprehensive one that takes place over the course of 5 to 8 days depending on where you take the course. In the introductory lessons of the course, you will learn about the 4 C’s of diamonds and learn all the terminology associated with this field. In the first week you will learn how to grade diamonds for clarity by using both a high-powered microscope and the loupe.

The next part of the course will teach you how to determine the color of the diamond, after which you proceed into learning how to determine the cut of the stone. This includes an elementary knowledge of the different fancy cuts for best value diamonds. Diamond fashioning involves learning the steps that take place in taking a rough diamond and fashioning it into one that is ready to be set into a piece of jewelry.

Along with lots of practice in applying what you have learned throughout the course, you will have to take and pass a written and practical test in order to receive your diploma. The course in IGI appraisals of rough diamonds is a week long course. In this course, you will gain valuable information about non conflict diamonds and how to determine whether or not the diamonds come from conflict areas of the world.

Study of the different diamond mines and their practices is an important part of this section of the course. The main part of the course deals with teaching you how to sort diamonds by clarity and color and the markings of rough diamonds. Then you will learn how to evaluate them and practice using the computerized estimation technology used by IGI. At the end of the 7 days, you then must take and pass the test in order to receive your “diamond diploma.”

Although IGI appraisals mainly specialize in diamonds, other colored stones are submitted to the institute for analysis. You can also earn certification in grading and appraising other types of colored stones, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls. This course is 10 days in duration and will teach you how to identify a stone and tell whether it is natural of synthetic and treated or untreated.

As part of the course, you will receive instruction in how to use specialized instruments, such as a refractometer, polariscope and dichroscope. At the end of the course when you pass the written and practical exam, you will receive a diploma certifying you as an IGI Colored Stone Appraisal Specialist.

You can easily find out about the cost of the courses and the locations where they are taught at various times of the year by looking on the website of the International Gemological Institute. The courses do take place at the various facilities throughout the world, which makes it possible for you to take one in your home country or travel to an exotic part of the world.