Early signs of colon cancer and symptoms for colon cancer

Summary: Common Signs of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a medical problem that is quite lethal and is regarded as one of the hardest cancers to distinguish when in the early levels. When this cancer spreads it will extend to the whole colon as well as the rectum and it might spread to other essential organs in the body.

There are certain types of measures that can be taken to address colon cancer – but the risks of survival are weakened when the person is in the late stage of it. For better chances of survival it is crucial to discover how to recognize the early symptoms of colon cancer. The more standard early symptoms is rectal bleeding. Blood contained in your bowel movements is another common misdiagnosed sign. This bleeding is usually an indication that there is a tumor contained in the colon or the rectum.

There are other more subtle signs that individuals never seem to discover because they are not hurtful or scary in anyway. Narrow stools over a long period of time could be a sign of a tumor. If you have been feeling constipated and bloated for a long period of time then you should confer with your doctor. Early detection can increase your survival rate and serve you to live your life in ease.

Summary: 7 Major Symptoms of Colon Cancer Demystified

The symptoms of colon cancer are not necessarily present in the initial stage of the problem. Mentioned below are some known symptoms of colon cancer. In case if any of the mentioned symptoms is present for more than a week, do seek advice of your physician about the screening for colon cancer.

Change in Bowel Habits

Tumor in the bowel brings an observed change in the habits like defecating. With the growth of tumor, you may feel the need of defecating less often and the large size of tumor will lead to constipation.

Thinned Stool

The presence of tumor causes obstruction and with the growth of obstruction there is reduction in the space around. In case the tumor is present at the side of the colon tube passage, it may result into the narrowing of the stool.

Cramping or Bloating in the Stomach

Another symptom in the list of colon cancer symptoms is bloating or cramping in the stomach. In the advanced stages of colon cancer, tumor perforating i.e. poking through near the wall of the bowel, can lead to extreme abdominal cramping.

Blood in the Stool

There may be blood in the stool which is due to the bleeding of the tumor. Nevertheless, if the tumor is present in the right colon, it is very much possible that the blood will dry up before the fasces are removed from the body.

Inexplicable Weight Loss

If you are losing weight without making any deliberate efforts, it is really something to ponder over.

Exhaustion and Feelings of Fatigue 

You are having proper sleep but still feel exhausted. There may be more than one reason and work load may not be the obvious one.

Feel Like to Defecate but Not

You may feel like to go for defecation but you do not. This kind of sensation in the body may take place due to a tumor growing in the end of the colon or rectum.

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