Early Signs and Symptoms of Walking Pneumonia

Each year more than two million people suffer from Walking Pneumonia in US. Here are some important things you should know about this disease and its symptoms. Generally, it does not affect the penitent severely as the typical pneumonia, in fact most of the patients are not given the bed rest or get hospitalized but still the disease causes the person to get extremely tired and lethargic. The Walking Pneumonia is caused by the infection due to the pneumonia virus known as mycoplasma pneumonia. While the most penitents of pneumonia are young children under fifteen years, there are other people too who get infected. The infection gets spread by being in contact with some one who has been infected by this.

The symptoms of walking pneumonia are very hard to distinguish. The first indication of this disease is the severe lethargy and feeling extremely tired. The penitent might take this to be the routine tiredness but this remains persistent even after taking a nap the person feels worn-out. The second major symptom of walking is feeling cold. As most of the patients suffer during the winter, this symptom gets ignored easily. This is not very noticeable symptom in the start but in the later stages this cold reaches to the chest too, where the changes and sound of breathing gets very noticeable.

The other symptom of pneumonia is that the person feels sudden chills. This might even be when the patient is inside the building and no apparent attack of cold might be there. While the patient might be suffering from the loss of energy these sudden chills can continue and persist too. The runny nose can be another symptom, this might be mistaken as common cold but the lack of energy is quite visible in this stage. During this stage one can also have some sour throat and lose some appetite. The head aches and abdominal pains start in the later stage too. The pains even move from head to eyes, ears and even the chest to level that it becomes harder and harder to breath. The walking pneumonia should be taken seriously and the early diagnosis is the way to solve this illness fast.