Early Onset Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

As of the last survey there were somewhere around 2.5 -3.0 million people in the world that have some form of MS. This potentially devastating disease can lie dormant for years and then manifest itself as a variety of symptoms in young adults in the age range of 20-40. In many cases the onset symptoms of multiple sclerosis are so infrequent and mild that they go completely unnoticed. Many doctors also miss the symptoms until the point where they are too obvious to miss.

Early Onset Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Diagnosing MS can be very difficult as it is a disease that attacks a person’s central nervous system. As such it can cause any one or more of over 50 different early onset symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Each person can exhibit one or more of these symptoms such as blurry vision or excessive fatigue even though they have been no more active than normal. Often this fatigue is accompanied by an elevated body temperature. While only a small number of MS patients exhibit this symptom during the early stages, most will suffer varying levels of exhaustions the disease progresses.

Many patients report having various problems with their extremities, it is not uncommon for a patient in the early stages to have temporary losses of muscle control (spasticity) in both arms and legs. The feeling you get of pins and needles when your foot falls “asleep”, also described as a burning or tingling sensation is also very common.

Unusual Early Onset Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

There are other early onset symptoms of multiple sclerosis that while rare can be just as unpleasant if not more so and are good indicators that a person needs to seek professional medical diagnosis. These problems can include bladder and bowel control problems that include being unable to control urination or bowel movements. Many men report sexual dysfunction, almost 70% of all male MS patients live with erectile dysfunction and a large percentage of women have vaginal dryness that reduces sexual desire.

Not only does MS cause a variety of physical symptoms, there are emotional and mental onset symptoms of multiple sclerosis such as depression that must be dealt with. Many patients also report issues with memory and concentration, both of which can wreak havoc with home and work life. These are just a few of the more well-known symptoms that can indicate the onset of this devastating disease. If you experience any of these or anything that is out of the ordinary in your health or well-being, you should at least touch base with your family doctor for a proper diagnosis.