Early Arthritis

It is very common for people to judge the future based on the state of the current environment and state of affairs. It isn’t a perfect correlation, but understandably one of the most reliable way to predict things since there is absolutely no certainty about anything in the future.

Young people tend to fall into the trap of assuming that tomorrow will be much like today when it comes to many things and especially their health. They may see an older man with back or knee pain and think that while what is happening to the man is terrible, they themselves are safe because they are young and they have a very long time to figure out their health before the onset of old age.

Sometimes they are correct. But most of the time, that line of thinking leads to dire consequences. Today’s world has accelerate the rate of change for just about everything. Many American jobs today involve sitting for up to 14 hours per day, sitting during commute and during meals.

While I do not have statistical data, I am personally seeing many young people develop a number of different types of arthritis. Excessive computer work and typing can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Bloggers and writers are developing this problem at an alarming rate. Nearly half the colleagues I know have personally told me they are seeing early signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before the age of 35.

Another form of Arthritis in young people is Degenerative Disk Disease where excessive sitting causes a compression of space between the vertebrae. This causes   nerves  along the back to be  pinched  and results in severe and debilitating back pain.

Another problem of sedentary jobs is weight gain which puts extra strain on the back and makes the existing pain symptoms more severe.

My generation is now learning the hard way that the old people with arthritis are not too far from the pre-middle age adults of today.