Ear Infection Cures – The Natural Way

Ear Infections can be extremely painful for young children and often parents feel stressed and unclear about what to do when their son or daughter is in pain. Antibiotics have long been the treatment offered by medical specialists. However, recent studies have concluded using antibiotics does not offer much help with this painful pediatric condition. Moreover, the use of surgically implanted tubes does not seem to help either.

In order to take care of the child with frequent ear infections, a parent needs to seek the cause of the problem and not treat the symptom. Fortunately, terrific alternative therapies abound for this common condition.

There are 10 basic treatments a parent should follow to help a child overcome childhood ear infections.

1. The child should be checked by a chiropractor to see if misalignment in the bones of the neck exists. Then have the misalignments corrected.

2. Take the children off all dairy products-they are mucous forming and will drive mucous into the inner ear.

3. Take the child off refined sugars including sugar, corn syrup, corn sweeteners, turbinado sugar, brown sugar, honey, and others-sugar weakens the immune system.

4. Take all trans-fats and hydrogenated fats out of the diet. They cause inflammation of the ear tube.

5. Give the child a supplement with vitamin C and zinc.

6. Give the child echinacea, garlic, and colostrum.

7. Have the child wear a hat that covers his ears daily in the cold weather.

8. Use homeopathic eardrops to soothe the ears.

9. Use warm compresses on the ears to soothe the ears.

10. Keep her head out of the water so fluid cannot move up into the ears.

As a child begins to get well again when following these steps, it is not uncommon for him to become sick a couple of times and fight the infections without antibiotics. This is good for a child’s immune system to fight infections without turning to antibiotics. Let your child have a fever. It’s good for her. Fever helps to fight infection. Let your child rest and become well. If she loses her appetite when sick, cease intake of food or supplements until the appetite returns. If your child is in pain, use homeopathic eardrops made with arnica and belladonna to relieve the ear pain.

If you follow these helpful steps, your child will become well again.