E.coli and Phages

E.Coli and phages have co-existed for probably billions of years and are

Nature's way of maintaining a balance.

When Mankind attempts to steal a march on Nature, we often come

unstuck. A classic example is the antibiotics debacle.

All those billions of pounds spent on compounds that the clever little

bacteria simply side-stepped around.

Nature has shown us the way when it comes to tackling bacterial

infections, so why not get Nature on our side and beat the bacteria at

their game, safely and efficiently. Unless, that is, there's no money in



'How now, brown cow?

Your mince is so tasty,

I'm eating it now,

in a fat juicy pastry.

But alas, all that glitters

may not be gold,

for in that gentle brown beastie

lurk dangers untold.

Like a wolf in sheep's clothing,

or a Trojan Cow, I fear,

the E.Coli you give me

may cost me dear.

But, what's this, my saviour I spy,

all is not lost, I'm not going to die.

My friend the E.phage joins battle with zest

and lays low the foe, without breaking sweat.

Now I feel better, and stronger and fit,

no more beef burgers and no more squit!

Against poor Daisy I bear no grudge,

just thankful for phages in seawater and sludge. '