Duties and Responsibilities of X-Ray Technicians

Radiology is one of the most important parts of diagnosing and treating patients. While most people think of it as a way of detecting broken bones, its so much more. Within the broader scope of human imaging it allows doctors to see what the naked eye cannot see. It allows doctors to detect, identify and treat a whole host of diseases and symptoms that can otherwise be life threatening. While doctors are mainly responsible for treating patients, its the role of the radiology team to be the “eyes”.

Radiologists are highly qualified medical experts. Contrary to what most people think, they do much more than taking x rays. In fact, the don’t even do that. radiologists work very closely with x ray technicians and its the technicians that do most of the work behind the scenes. They provide the assistance that each and every radiologist cannot go without.

With the field of radiology expanding all the time, its become a highly sophisticated career and operating the machinery alone is a real challenge. For doctors to focus on treating patients, its mainly the role of the technicians to operate the machinery. Its the responsibility of the technician to work with patients in taking the x-rays as well as getting it developed and even doing some preliminary preparation work for the doctors.

The duties of an x-ray technician does not stop with x-rays either. Depending on your qualification and experience you will be required to work on a lot of different equipment. In many ways MRI’s have taken over from x-rays in detecting more serious diseases and it does not stop with MRI either. There are a lot of related equipment starting with UltraSound and ending with Nuclear medicine and as an x-ray technician you can get involved in all these fields.