Dust Mites Allergies And Asthma – What Most Doctors Will not Tell You!


It's becoming very clear that more and more people are suffering from asthma and other allergies these days. The main culprit for these conditions is the common dustmite but why are we seeing more cases develop and why do we concentrate more on relying on medicine to aid us in emergencies rather than ways to deal with the problems at source?

Before we get into this let me explain just how the tiny dustmites cause all this suffering; Dustmites feed on our dead skin which is mainly in our beds. Their excrement contains tiny pellets which, when breathed in by us, irritate our lungs and cause inflammation. All that is then needed is a trigger for an attack to happen because the lungs are so poorly inflamed.

Now, the most effective way to deal with this problem, yes you guessed it, is to remove the dustmites. What is the point in continuing to take medication and relying on an inhaler to save your life every time you have a terrifying attack if the source of the problem is still in bed with you?

There are some very simple things we can do to greatly reduce the amount of dustmites in our home and it is proven that the effects of the inflammation are reversible. And so the less inflammation in the lungs, the less likely an attack will happen.

* The first and most important thing is to vacuum your mattress regularly with a good hepa-filter vacuum cleaner.

* As soon as you wake up in the morning, pull your sheets right back and open your windows. Dust mites thrive in high humidity and so a brisk breeze coming in every morning will dry their bodies out and make it harder for them to multiply.

* Call a competent cleaning company to deep clean your mattress and carpets at least once a year. Use a company that is licensed to use products which can actually kill the dustmites completely and ask to see proof of their training.

Lastly, I'd like to mention that a lot of people think that bedbugs and dustmites are the same thing. They are not. bedbugs come out at night while you are stationery and feed on your blood !!